Shades of the Fallen

Rebecca L. Frencl
Shades of the Fallen


Solstice Shadows
Release Date
November 2015
Urban Fantasy

Mankind is about to remember why they fear the dark… on Halloween night, when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, the powers of hell can open a gate to the mortal world. Hordes of sadistic ghosts are clawing at the gates of hell with the unslakable thirst to torment and prey upon the living.

One woman volunteers to stand alone as guardian to the human world. Asha, an Ascended mortal, will pit herself against the forces of hell in a desperate effort to banish the shadows of her own soul and make one last attempt at redemption.

Meanwhile, the child stealer demons have been let loose from their hell to torment the world. Sowing grief and despair, they search for one child in particular.

On a Halloween, when the dead return to feed on the living, can one woman stand alone against the ghosts of her past, to save one innocent's future?


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