Witches in Red

Barb Hendee
Witches in Red
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Penguin Publishing Group
Release Date
May 2014
Book 2 of Mist-Torn Witches
Fantasy Romance

Céline and Amelie Fawe can see into anyone's past and future simply by touching him. They have used their powers to secure sanctuary—and a fine apothecary's shop—in the village around Castle Sèone. But their continued safety has a price....

Far to the north, the men of an isolated silver mining community are turning into vicious "beasts" that slaughter anyone in sight. The mines belong to the noble family of Prince Anton—ruler of Castle Sèone and Céline and Amelie's patron—and Anton's tyrannical father has ordered his son to solve the mystery as a test of his leadership. He has no choice but to send the witches into the perilous north to use their abilities to discover the cause of the transformations. Given how much they owe the prince, the sisters have no choice but to go.

Together with the overprotective Lieutenant Jaromir, Célene and Amelie enter the dark world of a far-off mining camp tainted by fear, mistrust, and enslavement—and haunted by men turning into massive mad wolves without warning. Now the two must draw upon strength and cunning they never thought they possessed not only to solve the mystery, but to survive....

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jul 05, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Another fantastic adventure!

Celine and Amelie Fawe are just settling in to their new home when Prince Anton calls them once again, as he needs their help to solve a mystery in his father's lands. Men are turning into wolves for no reason whatsover, and the silver mining is suffering. It is also a test, as his father is due to name his heir any day now. If Anton could solve this mystery, it would help lift his standing in his father's eyes. How could Celine refuse? Yet, she still felt fragile about using her gifts to see into someone's future...

In this second book of The Mist-Torn Witches, we see Celine accepting that her powers could be used for good, to help someone, and we also see more of Amelie using her powers of being able to see the past.

The story is mainly the characters trying to solve the mystery of the men turning into wolves, and who the villain could be. The author's writing style is smooth and compelling, and the story flowed well. The mystery is gripping, and the danger scenes were especially good, as the romantic in me was thrilled at the evidence of Jaromir's feelings for Amelie. I couldn't put the book down, and I wasn't satisfied until I reached the last page! (It was 1:30am by then.)

That said, there wasn't much character development, but that's fine. I think we'll see more of the sisters in several more future books, and the author seemed to want to develop them and their relationships with their respective partners over the entire series. So, in this book, Anton gets to stay behind (I was sad about that!), but Jaromir gets to go to protect the sisters. There was some development in his relationship with Amelie, but not as far as I'd like. Truly, there's attraction between these two, but for very good reasons, they didn't want to take the next step, aside from the occasional kiss and showing of concern for the other.

For now, I'm still eager to read the next book and to see what happens next!
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