Song of the Red Rocks

Verna Clay
Song of the Red Rocks


Verna Clay
Release Date
July 2015
Book 2 of Red Rocks Trilogy (Past, Present, Future)
Contemporary Romance

After enduring a media-frenzied divorce covered by the tabloids, country singer Sunny Sundance is ordered by her doctor to rest. During her sabbatical, she even considers retiring at the height of an illustrious career. When her attorney calls about a journal and tintype photo dating back to the 1800s mailed to him from a man who claims the artifacts belonged to Sunny's ancestors, she is intrigued, but not convinced. Since her career is on hold, she decides to drive incognito to the Village of Oak Creek in Arizona, a small community located near the beautiful city of Sedona, to check out these claims. Little does she realize she is about to begin an emotional trek into an unbelievable family legacy.

For Jason Grant, purchasing the land he once trespassed and played on as a child is a dream come true. He considers the property with its magnificent views of red monoliths to be the most beautiful place on earth. When famous singer Sunny Sundance shows up offering to buy his land at whatever price, he refuses. But when she threatens to force him off of it, he is outraged. Having recently gone through a turbulent marriage and divorce, he is in no mood to deal with a woman he considers to be pampered and selfish. Only later, after a journey of discovery into the past with Sunny, does he realize how wrong assumptions can be.


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