Crystal Clear Love

Rena Koontz
Crystal Clear Love
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Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date
July 2015
Contemporary Romance

Crystal Kenethey's safe, plain yogurt life turns upside down when she runs into her old love, Mike Perzelle. She's struggled for ten long years to forget him and his betrayal, only to come face to face with him, and all the old questions and doubts, again. Mike destroyed Crystal's trust in him and she walked away without a backward glance. But she always wondered if she'd done the right thing. She's been playing the "What If" game for years, since no man has sparked the heat and passion Mikey could.

Seeing Mike again stirs those feelings she buried so long ago. She learns the truth about the incident that led to their demise and realizes she never stopped loving him. She never gave him a chance to explain himself when she accused him of cheating, and now she's too late. He's carved out his own life in a new city and there isn't room for her in it, not the way she wants. Mike is a man of honor and has promised another woman he will not abandon her, despite his own renewed feelings for Crystal and the love he admits never died.

Can there be a happy ending to a pivotal reunion ten years too late?


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