Married Sex: A Love Story

Jesse Kornbluth
Married Sex: A Love Story
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Open Road Media
Release Date
August 2015
Contemporary Romance, Mainstream fiction, Ménage or more

When a husband convinces his wife to join him in a tryst with another woman, there are unintended consequences in this sharply observed erotic tale about the challenges of modern marriage

As a divorce lawyer for Manhattan's elite, David Greenfield is privy to the intimate, dirty details of failed marriages. He knows he's lucky to be married to Blair—a Barnard dean and the mother of their college-age daughter, a woman he loves more today than when they tied the knot.

But when seductive photographer Jean Coin asks David to be her lover for six weeks until she leaves for Timbuktu, David is tempted, reasoning that "it's not cheating if your wife's there." A one-night threesome would relieve the pressure of monogamy without wrecking their marriage. What harm could come of fulfilling his longtime sexual fantasy?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 24, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Triangles are one of the strongest formations on earth, and one of the hottest in bed. But in real life, in the aftermath? Not so much.

Divorce attorney David Greenfield and his college dean wife Blair have a really great marriage. Twenty years together with an adult daughter in college, and they're still madly in love, with an active, exciting and varied sex life. But David is only a man, and when the famous photographer Jean Coin propositions him and requests that he be her lover for the next six weeks, David is really, truly tempted. But he and Blair have an agreement: if either are to the point that they're seriously considering sleeping with someone else…bring that person home. Given that this has been David's fantasy for years and Blair is surprisingly on board, what could go wrong? A little ménage à trois never hurt anyone, right?


So, MARRIED SEX: A LOVE STORY is really exactly that, a story of love and devotion, manifesting itself as sex, and told from David's POV. At first, I didn't care for the feel of this book…cheating storylines don't appeal to me AT ALL, the writing came off as pretentious and David's character a little smarmy. However, once David pulled the IF card, Blair's reaction threw me for a loop, and the story turned into something completely different and entirely sensual once the trio hooked up, flipping things around in an interesting twist of fate that David may or may not have had coming to him.

I found the sometimes playful, sometimes colorful linguistic prose to be very enjoyable. It's rare to find a sexy book that actually makes you THINK, and for certain, Mr. Kornbluth gives us a high-brow look into the intimacies of a lengthy marriage. Though not explicit, the following quote from the book really made an impression:

Jean carried the bottle and kept our glasses filled as she gave us the photo tour, with terse commentary that explained why she chose the Cartier-Bresson of Muslim women praying in Pakistan in 1949, the reason for the Meyerowitz of Cape Cod Bay at dusk, and the importance of the huge Gursky landscape. There was a theme: the horizon. Not just as the dividing line between earth and sky but what the idea of the horizon means to pilots and photographers: Don't get distracted; look straight ahead. And what it means in relationships: Be completely present, look a person in the eye.

It really seems that nobody is present in their own lives anymore, whether it's the MC's or real life, nobody ever just lives in the moment.

As this story went on, I was completely enthralled. I like that David is flawed and REAL. So many erotic romance novels feature men who never would ever EVER so much as look at another woman's direction, yet here David is, admitting his weaknesses, staring at beautiful women longingly or pushing his fantasies onto his marriage. And even though the sex itself in was wildly hot, the fallout in MARRIED SEX: A LOVE STORY was way more intriguing.

Bottom Line: Surprisingly poignant and thought-provoking book about the honey trap any of us could stumble into. Pick this one up!
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