Armored Hearts

Angela Knight
Armored Hearts
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Changeling Press
Release Date
July 2015
Action/Adventure Romance, BDSM, Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Captivity makes the heart grow kinkier...
When interstellar mercenary Captain Nick Rand rescues a beautiful enemy from his own men, he thinks she's the answer to his vampire prayers. On the verge of starvation thanks to the destruction of his hemosynther, he's in desperate need of a female blood donor.

Lieutenant Zara Tahir needs Nick Rand as badly as he needs her. Without Nick's blood, Zara's overactive immune system will kill her.

But Zara has no intention of embracing captivity. While she's willing to exchange blood for blood, maybe even play a kinky game or two with the handsome vampire dominant, he's still the enemy. She can't allow herself to see him as anything more.

Then Rand's enemies make things a lot more complicated...

Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Aug 01, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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They are enemies but Nick Rand and Zara Tahir are willing to exchange a little blood and play a kinky game or two until Rand's enemies make things a lot more complicated in this sexy vampire romance.

Zara has no intention of embracing captivity when she's rescued by Rand but they can take advantage of the situation and the reader can't help but get scorched by the white hot passion that explodes from these strong charismatic characters as they indulge in sexy BDSM games while taking care of their needs.
The fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge with suspense, excitement and romance as the well written scenes and details capture the imagination and the escalating danger to Rand and Zara has Rand making use of contingency plans to keep them both alive adding exciting action to the story.

Angela Knight's futuristic vampire world never fails to provide some sizzling action romances and the vampires are sexy, dominant and cause spontaneous hot flashes. While this one is on the short side, it is no different. Be sure and get in on some wild and kinky sex scenes. Oh, did I mention the use of some interesting futuristic sex toys...
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Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Oct 10, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Dominant vampires plus submissive blood slaves equals panty-wetting goodness. Ms. Knight writes kinky D/s so well with a vampire theme. In ARMORED HEARTS, it takes me back to her older space opera vampire tales were female humans become blood slaves to dominant male vampires. I love them.

Nick Rand is a vampire who is an alpha male. He makes the mistake of fighting on the wrong side. When he is nearly starved to death, he finds an "enemy" who is suited to be his blood slave. Zara is a freedom fighter who wants to bring down the invading forces. Going against her better judgment, she submits to Nick to help him survive. It's not all giving, because without Nick, Zara would die. She is ready to die for her cause. What she isn't ready for is the sensual tension between her and Nick.

The characters in this story are fun. Nick is an alpha male who seems to be an anti-hero. He is fighting for the oppressors which doesn't sit well with most romance readers. Zara is no doormat. She is a kick-butt and take-no-prisoner fighter. She also happens to be a blood slave which is not a paradox. Ms. Knight captures quite well how submissives can also be strong. A strong female needs a just-as-strong male for compatibility. Zara and Nick are definitely a good match and their chemistry is arousing.

The underlying D/s in this story is fabulous. Ms. Knight does it so well with how Nick treats Zara and how Zara can't help but feel a bit weak in the knees. Nick is a character who I'd want to expose my neck to and say, "Drink me!" There is not much SM in this story compared to some of the previous tales in this universe. It's a lighter and sweeter kinky romance. It does contain a couple of plot twists Ms. Knight is known for and it works out quite well. This is a smooth and tasty story.

Recommended for vampire lovers who enjoy vicariously experiencing the submissive mindset.
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