Charlotte Symonds

Release Date
July 2015
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Sex with a stranger? Might just be what Olivia needs. But, can Olivia pull off a one-night stand? She had it all…brains, beauty, a rewarding nursing career, a fiancé and devoted friends. Then life happened. With her broken engagement and Olivia nearing the Big Three-O, she needed something. But what? Her best friend, Jude, was convinced a one-night stand was the solution.
While contemplating the possibility of sex with a total stranger, Olivia meets Graham, an Adonis, possessing captivating lightning-blue eyes, an amazingly exquisite physique and a delicious smile. This businessman from Pottsville, PA, merely visiting her city, could be the perfect candidate. Her sexual attraction to him was raw and immediate. Should she seduce him and take the risk? Olivia is about to find out what it means to leave her comfort zone and begin an adventure of a lifetime.

Book Review by vera (reviewer)
Oct 05, 2016
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First I must say, do not let the title scare you, author Charlotte Symonds has not converted to erotica. You will find Sex For Fun, a wonderful romance, filled with intense emotions, discoveries, renewals, awakenings, and fun.

Story Line:
Olivia is hitting the big three O. Beautiful, talented, and alone, she wants all the things everyone wants; love, security, and respect. However, after finding her fiancee in flagrante delicto, Olivia's best friend, Jude, thinks she needs a one-night-stand to get her back in the groove. Can Olivia participate in a one-night-stand which is definitely not in her normal romance comfort zone?

Meeting a handsome hunky stranger on her morning run, offers the perfect opportunity to put into practice Jude's advice. Can Olivia step out of her normal relationship comfortable zone of ordinary and safe to try something new and different? Does Olivia have the courage to reach out with both hands for what she wants? Is Olivia up for the adventure of a life-time?

Have a seat, grab a glass or cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy Sex For Fun. After all, sex is always better when it is fun.


I found author Charlotte Symonds' story-line delightful, and her character's caring, warm, and realistically believable. Most noteworthy, was the fact Ms. Symonds did not have to sale this story with explicit or graphic sex. The story-line and her talent for development of the story and characters was all that was necessary to craft a solid book. Ms. Symonds enmeshed the reader in each tastefully written romance scene. Ms. Symonds' talent brings emotion and respect to the forefront. Furthermore, I found myself sighing a lot; Graham is very sigh worthy.

Also, I found the ex-fiancee's character development was skillful. I found his character similar to the rooster in the chicken-house as Ms. Symonds reveals his true character. Ms. Symonds has the ability to infuse each character with the characteristics required for each scene.

Ms. Symonds skillfully created a story which aptly shows we should never settle in life, but go for the gusto. Ms. Symonds skillfully produced a book which highlights the human need for love, respect, and desire. The pacing of the book never lagged or bogged down; I found myself anxiously turning each page for further developments. Also, I felt the story-line had a fairy-tale quality, which we all love in life and literature. As always, Ms. Symonds penned a heart tugging ending which had me in tears.

In concluding the review of Sex For Fun, I found a well-written and developed story-line which will leave you feeling emotionally satisfied and entertained. Though the book contains love scenes, they are tasteful touching scenes. Also, the author brought all the threads together to create a first class emotionally satisfying story-line which will touch your heart. I found Ms. Symonds' writing style was clear and refreshing, and the story flowed seamlessly from beginning to end.


In conclusion, I recommend this book to anyone who loves an richly entertaining romance. The author's talent shines in this book as she portrays the emotions and characteristics of love and respect. Furthermore, Ms. Symonds' books have a permanent place on my keeper list.

Final Note: I received this book from author in return for an honest book review. All book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author's opinion; consequently, all book reviews on line, on my blog and under my name are my opinion.
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