Winter Harvest

Coralie Hughes Jensen
Winter Harvest


Five Star/Gale/Cengage
Release Date
July 2010
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

In the 1840s, teenager Lucy Hammond is thrilled when a new girl, Sarah Bishop, arrives at the Hancock Shaker Village where she has lived for nearly five years. After her father's death, Sarah is indentured to the Shakers in exchange for her inheritance. In spite of her fear of those non-celibate citizens living outside the Community gates and lured by her new sister's pluck and beauty, Lucy eventually follows Sarah, escaping the dwelling each night to secure her bequest. Better known as the Shakers, a utopian commune founded by Ann Lee in New England in the late 1700's, members of the United Society of Believers assumed that through sexual abstinence, hard work, and charity, they could create the kingdom of heaven on earth. Sarah's contempt for the strict rules becomes apparent to all but Lucy. Duplicity, murder, and Lucy's attraction to a young bank detective unsettle the peaceful yet industrious keepers of "the Garden."
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