Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright
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Evil Eye Concepts
Release Date
August 2015
Paranormal Romance


Rage might be an aggressive Hunter by nature, but the gorgeous male has never had a problem charming the females. All except Lucie Gaudet. Of course, the lovely Geek is a born troublemaker, and it was no surprise to Rage when she was kicked out of the Wildlands.

But now the Pantera need a first-class hacker to stop the potential destruction of their people. And it's up to Rage to convince Lucie to help. Can the two forget the past—and their sizzling attraction—to save the Pantera?


Gorgeous, brutal, aggressive, and human, Killian O'Roarke wants only two things: to get rid of the Pantera DNA he's been infected with, and get back to the field. But the decorated Army Ranger never bargained on meeting the woman—the female—of his dreams on his mission to the Wildlands.

Rosalie lost her mate to a human, and now the Hunter despises them all. In fact, she thinks they're good for only one thing: barbeque. But this one she's guarding is testing her beliefs. He is proud and kind, and also knows the pain of loss. But in a time of war between their species, isn't any chance of love destined for destruction?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 05, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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You know how frisky your cats get when they're wantin' a lil feline lovin? That. Except hot...since they're part human and all.

Deep in the Louisiana swamps, there is a little known race of puma shifters named the Pantera. Recently forced to reveal themselves to the world, they now struggle with humans who want to harvest their DNA for nefarious purposes. These are their stories.

RAGE by Alexandra Ivy

As a Hunter, Rage has always stepped up to protect his species, but asking him to work with Geek Lucie Gaudet is above and beyond the call of duty! A born troublemaker, Lucie elicits pity, apprehension...and lust all at once, something his cat doesn't know what to do with. But she knows her techie stuff, and the Pantera bosses are in dire need of her help. Rage did not expect to fall head over ass for the insolent female, but damn if he can help himself. Now he just has to convince her...

KILLIAN by Laura Wright

Rosalie wants blood. Specifically, human blood. After losing her mate to humans, she's become almost feral, her puma overtaking her human side, thisclose to the point of no return. When she comes across human Killian O'Roarke on Wildland property, she immediately attacks. Killian doesn't quite understand his raw and powerful attraction to the female Hunter, all he knows is that she is HIS. Probably has something to do with the puma DNA he was injected with while in the Army. Both battling demons as dark as coal, will Rosalie and Killian be able to find the common ground their cats are begging for?

RAGE/KILLIAN are stories 17 and 18 in the Bayou Heat Series, and also a stand-alone addition to the 1001 Dark Nights Series featuring magical and mystical erotic stories by a variety of popular authors inspired by the classic The Arabian Nights tale. This is actually 2 stories by different authors but in the same overall setting, the Wildlands of the Louisiana bayou. The 1001 Dark Nights books are always so good, combining paranormal elements, heat, humor and love into such a small space. Although I really don't care for shifter romance, (am always a bit weirded out thinking of the logistics), I enjoyed these short stores nonetheless. In RAGE, I liked the seriously potent chemistry between Rage and Lucie. They only cursorily fought their attraction, giving into their instincts almost instantly upon reuniting as adults. I love that she was recognized for her awesome techie talents too, she was a pretty badass pussy!

KILLIAN was another good offering, if a little higher cat/human ratio than I'd prefer. Rosalie was so angry, and while she had huge reason, it came a little too close to the line of obnoxiousness. Killian on the other hand was pretty rad. He had every right to be pissed too, but instead kept a positive attitude and worked tirelessly to get Rosalie out of her funk. They did have some excellent chemistry too, and the sex scene was delicious!

Bottom Line: Feline fun for everyone and a purrrfect addition to the series.
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