Tiger's Catch

Cera Daniels
Tiger's Catch
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Man and a Muse Ventures
Release Date
August 2015
Book 1 of Shiftless
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Amoy Tenir is no longer a prince among tigers, because the Hunters have claimed his lands. He is a rebel with a single cause, until, on the precipice of a covert strike, his rag-tag group of Shifters rescues a woman he'd thought dead. She's none other than Neera Spring, a human who, even as a ghost, ruled his heart. A forbidden lover who believed he sold her to slavers. The mother of his only son. The world has changed; they could be together. But do they dare reconcile their savaged past with a hopeful future, when a common foe stands ready for war?

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Dec 03, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is a world where shifters once ruled as royalty and humans were considered as slaves. It all changed when the Hunters came with their technology. One Prince who felt he had lost it all works to destroy the new enemy and reclaim all that has been taken. It is during that journey that he discovers he has not lost the most important thing--the love of his life.

The author creates a very unique universe for the characters. In the beginning, the shifters rule and humans are considered lesser beings and treated as slaves to be sold. A shifter and human are not supposed to become romantically involved but Amoy and Neera cannot resist their feelings for each other. Their feelings strengthen with each interaction and they begin to rely on those meetings to make them feel whole and alive.

Neera lives a dangerous life trying to avoid the slavers. She has no one but herself until she finds out she is pregnant. Shortly after her discovery, she is sold to slavers and believes it was under Amoy's orders. Amoy in turn searches desperately for her and finally accepts she is dead. It is five long years before they find the truth and each other.

Amoy is a tiger shifter and raised as royalty. One day a female human protects him and in return he saves her life. They begin a romance that is forbidden and ends when he believes she has died. He becomes a different person when he loses not only his lover but an enemy takes control and kills most of the shifters. Those shifters left are controlled by their technology and deprived of most of their powers. He along with his sister and a small group of shifters is set on a path to destroy them when he is unexpectedly reunited with the woman he thought he lost and the child he never knew existed.

Neera is very tough. She has had to be to survive both the slavers and her years under their rule. Neera is extremely protective of her son and refuses to let any harm come to him. She loved Amoy but accepted that he sold her to slavers rather than be with her and his child. I had great admiration for her strength and ability to do what she must to survive to care for her son. Neera has to learn about all the things that have gone on in the world since she was taken and she reacts by jumping into the fight. She doesn't hesitate to take risks to save others.

In the beginning of the story, there are flashbacks to their earlier meetings and the development of their relationship. The author takes time to really develop that relationship for the reader so that the history is understood when they find themselves together after so long. We get both their perspectives which also enriches the understanding of the characters. They did not rush into a sexual relationship but instead the feelings build steadily. This was not just two lovers but really two mates finding the partner meant for them. There is also some interesting developments about the physical changes both Neera and their son experience and a lot of story there still to discover.

It is a well-crafted story. The author has created a unique world in crisis from which two people find love, lose each other, and then reclaim that love. Amoy and Neera should never have been together but fate brought them together and life tore them apart. Their son is a bright light in their lives and they both bring Amoy a joy he thought he had lost forever. There is still a lot of story left to tell about the fight to regain their shifter abilities from the Hunters who have stolen their world with their technology. I look forward to the next book in the series.
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