Storm Warning

Monette Michaels
Storm Warning
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Monette Michaels
Release Date
August 2015
Book 4 of Security Specialists International
Action/Adventure Romance

Former helicopter pilot DJ Poe is a woman used to working in a man's world and comfortable as SSI's first female field operative. It's her instant attraction to the company's computer specialist that has her questioning her ability to overcome her past and develop an intimate relationship with a man.

Stuart "Tweeter" Walsh already admired DJ for saving his brother's life in Afghanistan, but when the tall, leggy, blonde goddess joins SSI, he falls instantly in love. All he has to do is convince the man-shy beauty to take a chance on him.

Take one alpha-male geek, add in one skittish female warrioress—throw them into close proximity and you have the perfect conditions for storm warnings

Book Review by tangie (reviewer)
Aug 24, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Battered but not broken. DJ is a kick ass female character who can hold her own in most situations, at those not involving the heart. Ace (because just like DJ, I can no longer think of him as Tweeter) has had experience dealing with strong women who are fragile, and is perfect for DJ, but can he get close enough to win her heart?

STORM WARNING by Monette Michaels is fourth in the Security Specialists International (SSI) Series and HOLY SMOKES! I love Ms. Michaels and this story just puts the exclamation point on why. She gives you a story. And not just any old story but a great one. Her characters are so real. They have strengths and weaknesses and she doesn't shy away from showing us the ugly as well as the beautiful.

DJ's background was horrendous to say the least. But with the help of family and friends, she was able to rise above it while still maintaining a compassionate heart. DJ was so strong in some areas. She was a kickass pilot who took calculated chances. She earned the respect of the men she served with. She was the first "official" female operative at SSI, but emotionally that strong woman was nowhere to be found. When she meets Ace, something changes and that strong female we have seen struggles to accept what he will be to her. Ms. Michaels kept that struggle real and true to the character. I could do nothing but respect her efforts and Ace's patience.

Ace was not only book smart but also had more street savvy than you would expect from a computer nerd. He was no less than his military siblings, but having met his sister I should not have been surprised. He was a master tactician and used that skill to maximum affect to obtain the woman who had snagged his heart. He appreciated her strengths but was willing to protect her fragile heart, but first he had to sneak past her barriers. I loved how Ace became her friend first. He saw the entire woman and not just the pretty façade.

Oh my goodness. If this is your first foray into Ms. Michaels' SSI world you will not be disappointed. You will be able to step right in without the benefit of reading the other stories and not be lost at all. But once you complete it, you will want to start at the beginning because just like every other story in this series, you will find yourself on an action packed and emotional ride!
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