charlotte Boyett-compo


New Concepts Publishing
Release Date
January 2016
Book 3 of DemonWind
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Captured by his enemies, the Amazeen, Prime Reaper™ Kamerone Cree is being taken back to Rysalia Prime to atone for the many crimes of which the Daughters of the Multitude have wrongfully accused him. Torn from the arms of his beloved Bridget and his infant son, Cree knows a misery far deeper than the blackest abyss.

Speeding toward Rysalia Prime to prevent his bloodbrothers from being burned alive, Khiershon Cree--bloodson of Kamerone--has garnered a rag-tag group of warriors from all over the Megaverse to aid him in his quest to free those held in the Titan prison. Never having met the man who sired him, Khier has no idea his bloodsire will be among those he is rushing to save.

Also hurrying toward Rysalia Prime are Kamerone's friends from Terra who know the Prime Reaper™ will die a horrible death unless they can stop his execution during the Feast of Alluvia and return him to Bridget who has remained on Terra with their child.

No one in the Megaverse save a few fanatical Daughters of the Multitude wants to see Kamerone Cree tortured and slain for being born a Reaper™--a shapeshifter who must ingest blood in order to thrive. From every corner of the heavens help is winging its way to Rysalia Prime for the final showdown between the Cree men and the Multitude. But will that help come in time?
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