40/20 A Stepbrother Romance

Darlene Jacobs
40/20 A Stepbrother Romance
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Release Date
August 2015
Book 2 of A Stepbrother Romance
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance


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40/20 Rule in rugby: The ball must bounce within the field of play at least once before finding the touch line.

I was the touchline.
My stepbrother, Jake, a rugby player, plays by all the rules... except when it comes to me. He saved my life... literally. I had planned to slip under the ocean's waves. But Jake was there to rescue me from myself.

At first I thought I hated Jake. He was the typical alpha male that gets whatever he wants when he wants it. The pride of our newly blended family; he's on the Dean's list, a star rugby player and the apple of both our parent's eyes. I've only known him for three months, but I had already formed a jealous, negative opinion.

However, my attitude would flipflop drastically about Jake the day he drove me up to his college campus to stay a few days, party, and watch rugby practice. The ride there was so hot and sexy, I couldn't possibly believe that experience could be topped.

Or could it?
Unfortunately, Jake neglected to tell me that someone was waiting for him on campus... a barbie that had a hold on him. While Jake figures out what he really wants; I don't wait around. His rugby teammate, 'The Spence,' has his eye (and hands) all over me.
What will it be, Jake?

CAUTION: This book may be too sexy for you. Adult Situations. 18+ only.

Book Review by Jennifer Smaldone Bosco (reviewer)
Dec 31, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Another very quick read in this series.

Jake and Sydney definitely has chemistry but the story just seems to move a bit too quickly for me. I keep feeling like I am missing something. It has a lot of potential but I think it could use some editing for storyline flow. I keep hoping for more when I read these installments. The sex scenes are steamy and work nicely. I am having a hard time engaging with the characters though.
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