Light My Fire Anthology

Cooper McKenzie
Light My Fire Anthology
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Secret Cravings Publishing
Release Date
February 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

A trio of firemen and the women who love to start, and put out, sexual blazes
with them.

Burn for Me: When asked which sense is most closely tied to arousal, she
doesn't have an answer so they experiment to discover which sense sparks the
sensual burn.

Wildfire: Holly Franklin felt the heat the moment she met Marco Jacobs, which
built until the morning he came to her café for breakfast and their attraction
became a wildfire.

Light My Fire: Cleo Jones had always had a thing for her next door neighbor,
but wasn't sure how Gunner Nielsen felt about her until he rescues her in the
middle of a downpour and the fire of attraction is lit.

Book Review by Michelle R
Mar 11, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Short, hot and sexy--just perfect for what you have in mind! Trust me, this will light ANYONE's fire.

It may be too late for Valentine's Day, but it is nevah too late to spice up the love life. I have a number of friends (‘cause we all know I would never do such a thing) who say reading the hot and heavy parts of their books at night to their husband fires and inspires. Well, girls (and guys--I'm not sexist) this is THE one to grab and read aloud to your significant other. **fans herself** If you can stay on your side of the bed after sharing a few steamy minutes with Cooper McKenzie's girls and guys, you have me stumped. I am telling you, this is better than any blue pill!!

LIGHT MY FIRE is an anthology of three stories. All together, they are a super duper short read, so you can imagine the brevity of each individual gem. But she doesn't try to make it into any more than it is and I applaud her for that. And frankly, if this is going to be a read aloud, you aren't going to get further than what she writes in each scenario anyway. The book will be on the floor and you will be otherwise occupied. With three stories, you have three pretty fabulous nights at your fingertips.

In the first story, two lovers explore how each one of their senses helps them to climax. They begin with phone sex, and once the fireman returns home, they move into the physical touch and sensations of sex and that evening, they end with watching each other pleasure themselves to climax. There isn't a random happily ever after at the end of the day. It is what it is--one mighty fine way to enjoy your lover. I think a declaration of "let's get married, have babies and live happily ever after" would have actually destroyed the whole experience for me. I congratulate Ms. McKenzie for knowing when to stop and enjoy a good thing. Remember, sometimes, good things come in small packages.

In the second story, Holly owns a grill and firefighter Marco is a regular after his shift. One thing leads to another this very fine day and soon the grill isn't the only thing on fire. These two are heating the whole restaurant up--firefighter style. They had wonderful chemistry and connection. I may have liked the two of them the best.

And in the third story, Cleo is attracted to her neighbor, firefighter Gunner. This story features some cute banter and fun family building along with the character building. Gunner is a cutie with a soft side. He's come to rescue Cleo, and even though there is a deluge going on, nothing is going to put out their flame once it is ignited.

All in all you can just skip the trip to the fetish store this month, and download this little treat. Individual consumption can be attempted at your own risk. With no place for that fire to go, you just might combust. Good luck and… Enjoy! (I know I did) *wink*
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