Charlee Holmes
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
July 2015
Book 1 of Bounty Hunting Brothers
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Western Romance

After being kidnapped by an outlaw gang, Victoria Reynolds prays for a quick death. She knows a fate worse than death awaits her at their hands.
Slade McKetchum is a ruthless bounty hunter, who prides himself on bringing in men that can't be caught. One thing that's helped him to stay alive is his ability to remain focused. He's on the trail of a lawless group, when he spots Victoria Reynolds, who is being held captive.
Just the sight of the young woman causes his heart to pound. After a quick decision, he knows she will be his. But first he needs to keep them both alive.
Relieved she's been rescued, Victoria is apprehensive when she gets a good look at the man. He's big and fierce looking, but his touch ignites a fire in her that could consume them both. But their chance at happiness is threatened, when Slade's enemies ride in.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Dec 18, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sometimes death is preferable to living. When Victoria Reynold's family is massacred by an outlaw gang, she is taken as a prize. It truly is a fate worse then death to be at the mercy of men without any decency or honor. Fortunately, Slade McKetchum is on their trail. He's a bounty hunter and he is determined to make those men pay for all the damage they have caused.

In this historical erotic Western romance, Victoria has just been taken when the book opens and we are introduced to Slade. He has been hunting this gang for a long time and he now has them. Once he realizes they have a young woman as their prisoner, he knows time is of the essence. They enjoy hurting women and each minute with them is torturous. Her screams bring him to them and he takes the only action he can to stop the attack. In taking care of Victoria, some of the men get away. Slade never deviates from prioritizing providing protection to Victoria over getting the men. Retribution will come to them in good time.

Victoria is a young woman who has not been around many men other than her father and brothers. Slade is a big guy and after the attack by the gang, you would expect her to fear him as well. She really doesn't. She feels safe with him right away. Even when it becomes evident that he has sexual feelings for her, she is more enticed than afraid. She stays pretty strong considering all she has been through and I admired her for her courage.

Slade raised his two younger brothers who are also now bounty hunters. He spends most of his time alone on the hunt for dangerous criminals. He is not used to being around women that are young and innocent. He usually pays the women that share his bed. Victoria raises his protective instincts and also his sexual interest. As much as he tries to prevent it, his body reacts whenever she is around. There is a very interesting scene as he watches Victoria bathe and she in turn becomes a voyeur as he masturbates. Slade is a protective guy who has good intentions so you forgive him for being at the mercy of his body's desires.

Victoria and Slade never really have any complications in their relationship. They both readily admit and submit to their mutual attraction. It seems a little odd that a young innocent attacked by men would be so quick to desire another man and even seek out information from other women on how to satisfy him.

Slade in turn is a little lecherous to not want to give her more time before encouraging a physical relationship and even hopes to get her pregnant. It is clear he has real feelings for her but there is no real healing time. I would have liked to see them get to know each other better and have more time elapse before jumping into bed. The storyline takes place over a very short period of time and I think it would have worked better to have more time elapse during the story.

The author alternates between points of view among the main characters and some of the supporting characters. We see the ugliness of the gang members up close and we also understand more about Slade's brothers and their motivations. His younger brothers enjoy sharing women and I was intrigued by that storyline and would enjoy reading their story. There are two widows that help Victoria with her injuries and with providing information on men. There is also a young man with developmental issues that becomes important to them all.

If you are looking for an erotic historical romance that has engaging characters looking to explore their sexual desires, you will enjoy this story. This is a good read with a story common to historical romances. You have the damsel in distress and the hero who rides in to save her. They have immediate feelings for each other and give in to their sexual desires. I really enjoyed the supporting characters who injected some humor and fun into the storyline. I would have liked for more time to elapse before Victoria rushes into a sexual relationship after her attack but Slade obviously feels more for her than just lust so he is still a very likable character. The characters have great chemistry and more than just physical desire. They want to be a real family and won't let anyone interfere with their future together.
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