Sarah's Heart and Passion

Ginger Simpson
Sarah's Heart and Passion
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July 2014
Time Travel

This book is a combination of two books. The first began as an historical romance but some readers did not GET the ending. In order to appease them, I wrote the second option with a different ending, and this is both together.

Book Review by vera (reviewer)
May 26, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Author Ginger Simpson has crafted a western romance full of emotion. Get out the hankies because this one is tearjerker.


On the Santa Fé Trail, Sarah awakes to a nightmare. Indians have attacked the wagon train on which she is traveling from Independence to California. Sarah was running from a forced marriage after her parent's death. Everyone on the wagon train is dead except for Sarah and another traveler Molly. Sarah will become much stronger than she ever thought possible. Sarah does her best to treat Molly's injuries, but Molly does not survive. Sarah dresses as a man and heads out, leaving a wounded Indian Gray Wolf, on the side of trail. Later she is rescued by Gray Wolf. This is the beginning of an emotionally story-line.

Come join them for a journey of discovery, love, desperation, prejudice and surprises.


Author Ginger Simpson's character development and descriptive writing was intense. The author sets a scene of graphic horror. The opening of the story was very powerful for me, as I could see the devastation, as the heroine stumbles around the train wagon; Ginger Simpson's writing was very vivid. Sarah meets many mishaps: hunger, heat, stampeding basin, an injured Indian, and snakebite. But the injured Indian she left lying on the trail, will be her greatest love, challenge and heartache. Gray Wolf is a half-breed Indian, shunned by both sides in most cases. This has made him an independent and strong.

Sarah and Wolf encounter prejudice, hate, false accusations, beatings, and cruelty. I could feel Wolf's desolation and sadness as he was falling in love with Sarah, knowing the world would never accept their love.

Ginger Simpson portrayed the beliefs, prejudices, and cruelties of that time period so very well. I wondered if the author was using history from one of her ancestors. My heart ached for Wolf's and Sarah's sorrow at what could never be, so well did the author portrayed the emotions.

The ending was totally unexpected; I had no idea that this was how the story would end. My mouth actually fell open. The author certainly gave a surprise ending to this emotion-filled story. This book is well-written and the plot and pace were skillfully crafted.


I highly recommend this book. It is well-written, plotted, and developed by a talented author.
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