Rie Warren
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Self Published
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August 2015
Book 4 of Bad Boys of Retrubution MC
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, MC Romance

From the world of Carolina Bad Boys and Retribution MC, this bad boy biker likes to be in control, and he's ready to take what he wants.


Her name is Sinclair Chatham. Sin. That's exactly what she is—walking, talking, in the flesh sin. She's haughty, privileged, so goddamn starlet sexy, with an ass I want to grab and spank raw.

I want her to give herself over to me. I want her to lose that polished princess veneer. I want to strip away the money, the manicures, the maids, the immaculate façade.

I need her to be mine. But I'm a grunt. A biker. A tattoo artist. I'm blue collar all the way, and her family will probably shit bricks if they ever meet me.

Not to mention, I'm running from a bad past that's about to catch up with me.


I would never go for Cole in a million years. He's gruff, rough around the edges—and covered in ink. He's unapologetic, demanding, and sometimes scary as hell. He tells me what he wants, how he wants it, and why he's going to ruin me for all other men.

Coletrane destroys my vanity, gets inside my head while he gets into my bed, and I can't say no to him. He's not what I expected—tender at times, taking no prisoners at others. He breaks me down, builds me up.

He is not my type.

They say opposites attract, and they're right. I just didn't expect him to turn my cushy life upside down and inside out. But it's too late, and someone's going to get hurt.

Warning: Graphic sex, graphic action, graphic language. Triple X caution.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 26, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Every time I think Ms. Warren couldn't possibly keep up this wildly dirrrrty story arc, she pulls out all the stops with the last book, COLETRANE.

Coletrane Sawyer likes to be in control. But control is the last thing he feels when he's with Sinclair "Sin" Chatham. The pampered society princess is so far from the type of woman Cole usually goes for it's laughable, but what can he say, the woman pushes buttons he never even knew he had. Cole's meth-head past isn't a source of pride, but digging himself out of the bottom of the barrel and into college is the best thing he's ever done. When his nasty old crew starts hitting him up for money, Cole refuses to give in, but he's got to figure out a way to keep them from his woman.

COLETRANE is the 4th book in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC special summer series by the always awesome Ms. Warren. The way this woman writes from the dude's POV absolutely kills me every. single. time. The dialogue is raunchy and wicked and full of sinfully delicious SEX SEX SEX! It's also about opposites attracting, and Cole and Sin couldn't be more opposite. His tattoo artist and former meth addict status and her pampered member of the junior league status were really fun to read about, and I fell in love with Cole all over again (he's been featured prominently in all of the books in this series). He's always been this cool character who took his hits but kept his temper in check, but now it explodes when it comes to someone hurting his woman. Their sex was friggin' explosive and full of whips and chains and haaaaandcuffs…can I get an AMEN! And just a word of warning, be careful reading this smut on a packed flight…I'm absolutely certain I scandalized the elderly lady next to me when she rubbernecked my read!

Bottom Line: Rie Warren is a freakin' erotic genius and should be worshiped as such. Thanks for this super smutty summer series!!
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