Frank van der Kok


Release Date
October 2014
Inspirational Romance, Medical Romance, Memoir, Reality-Based Romance (TM)

Inspired by a true life experience, the story of Flower leads us into the heart of a young woman who needs to endure an unexpected negative turn of her life. For the second time. Only few years after her severe brain damage caused by a car accident, she is back into the operation room. This time to fight the worst nightmare of our times. Cancer.

Will she have the power to win this fight as well? Even more, will she have the will to do so?

Those who read Frank van der Kok's dèbut novel, the Fights of Your Life will recognise the same light storytelling, even when the story itself gets rough. It remains an easy read, more like a discussion at the candle light over a good old wine.

You will be taken back and forth into the past
and future of this couple. Always remaining close to them.
Fighting their fights. Sharing their happiness. Cleaning
their tears. Hoping and praying for them...
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