Devoted to the Blizzard

Adele Huxley
Devoted to the Blizzard


Adele Huxley
Release Date
July 2015
Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

WARNING: Alpine skiing is hazardous and involves the risk of physical injury or death.

Liz and Bryan know struggle. Drugs, death, betrayal. Three years after they met and fought for their survival, the pair face their greatest challenge yet… a deranged, anonymous stalker.

Liz wants to make a name for herself, become someone other than The Blizzard's fiancée. Their wedding has been put on hold, their savings drained… all for her dream of becoming an alpine racer. Liz and Bryan are trying to find peace in their relationship but finding it difficult. Between the intense media scrutiny, the lasting effects from their traumatic start, and the scars they carry, they manage to find strength in their love. Despite their best efforts, a rift has grown between them as Liz's career takes off and Bryan's gathers dust.

Just before they travel to New Zealand, Liz receives the first of ten letters from the stalker, each more disturbing than the last. Is this a creepy fan, drawn in by the media storm surrounding her first competition? Maybe it's another racer, angry at all the attention and trying to get inside her head? Or is it someone more sinister and dangerous? And what will happen if the countdown reaches zero?

Devoted to the Blizzard is a standalone novel and takes place two years after the events in the Caught by the Blizzard and Saved by the Blizzard. It isn't necessary to read the previous books, but readers will probably enjoy this story more having read how Bryan and Liz met!

This novel contains adult language, sexual situations, and violence. It's intended for adults.


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