Magical Mistakes

Victoria Davies
Magical Mistakes


Ellora's Cave
Release Date
October 2013
Paranormal Romance

Mikayla knows better than to wield magic when her emotions run hot and they're never hotter than when Ciar is firing her hormones and ignoring her advances. Determined to blast the chip off his shoulder once and for all, Mikayla casts a bit of ill-timed, if not well-deserved, magic. The results are as horrifying as they are hilarious. Fluffy and adorable as Ciar is, Mikayla never intended to reduce the sexy demon to a toy poodle. She can only pray she can reverse the spell and that he doesn't remember a thing.

Ciar is not amused to find himself in Mikayla's purse, though it's difficult to hold a grudge against a woman so obviously guilt-ridden. It doesn't take long to discover that every time they let the passion simmering between them boil over, Ciar returns to his natural form, albeit temporarily. Taking Mikayla to bed is his vengeance and his pleasure. Ciar's denied himself, and her, too long. Yet the more time he spends exploring her body, controlling her pleasure, the easier it is to forget all the reasons he had for keeping her at a distance in the first place.


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