Shauna Allen


Shauna Allen
Release Date
November 2015
Book 3 of Jack 'Em Up
Contemporary Romance

I have a past. I have pain.
I don't dwell on those because I have a future.
I've got my career and my wits. I don't need love, or lust, or some man to make me complete. That's for fairy tales.
Yeah, right.
Trace Berringer is the perfect male specimen, wrapped up in a smart, sexy, witty package, and while I may not need him, I sure want him. But he's got a past of his own. One that may ultimately keep us apart.
Tori Waters has become both my fantasy and my nightmare.
I've wanted her since the moment we met, but she has walls a mile high.
Hell, so do I.
Sex and shameless flirting are one thing, but I've been burned and I can't afford to go there again. My son is my heart, my soul. It's just us against the world and I'd kill to protect him.
No one, definitely no woman, is going to hurt us again.
That is a promise.
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