Tender No Judgment

Elle St. John
Tender No Judgment
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John Star Shaw LLC
Release Date
March 2017
Book 1 of The Desperation to Power
Contemporary Romance

Warning: Dark, Gripping Erotic Fantasy Romance. Characters and situations can trigger some readers. Do not let the sweet story line mislead... the plot and characters are sensually dark.

Micah is broken, turned into a limping, scarred relic by war. He was honed as a killer and then discarded by those he saluted, forced into a life of solitude on his mountain.

Sabrina is a bookworm who secretly wants her dashing prince to come and sweep her off her feet. But mostly she just meets toads who want to grope her and use her. She retreats to her little bookstore until one day a charming man walks into her life. She thinks he is the man she's been dreaming of, but instead of carrying her into the sunset, he leaves her for dead on a mountain.

Micah rescues her, their love quickly flourishes and the passion sizzles. But their bliss is interrupted when unforeseen international events test their bond and jeopardize their lives. They are soul mates, the only ones for each other. But is that enough to overcome these powerful, evil currents?

~ADULTS ONLY~ Graphic sex, Explicit language, Emotional triggers.

Book Review by mellysw
Jun 23, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When I picked up TENDER NO JUDGMENT by Elle St John, I expected just another romance. Don't get me wrong, I was looking forward to it. The plot seemed deliciously simple and romantic. Lost, lonely girl meets badass who wants to take care of her. Perfect. I love those kinds of books.

And when I first started reading it, it seemed to fulfill my expectations to a T. Not the best writing I have read, but nothing I could complain about. Not the most plot-intensive book I have read, but enough to make me happy.

I did have complaints, and was busily marking them in my head. At times, I wanted to slap Sabrina silly. Sillier than she was, anyway. Other times I huffed under my breath at Micah, for his poor pitiful me act.

And then everything started going down.

This book absolutely blew me away. The second and third parts of it were like a different book. At times I was all but slack-jawed in horror at what was happening. A few times I saw teasing hints of what was to come, and I recognized them for what they were. But no…I assured myself the author would not put her characters through that trauma.

The author proved me wrong. Lord, did she ever prove me wrong.

I have never – and I have read a lot of romance/erotica books – never have read such a REAL one. The characters I was mildly irritated over but still enjoying morphed into concrete real people. I cried. I actually cried. And then I was all "NO! No that's a mistake! DON'T DO THAT YOU WILL REGRE…..oh that's kind of hot. Ok carry on…" And then I was happy. And then I was looking for more and I hope it comes soon. Author followed.

The second and third parts of this book changed this from a solid four star rating to a happy five star rating – something I don't give out often to a book I have initial complaints over – no matter how mild they are. Usually I insist on outstanding writing. The author's writing improves as the story goes on, but it can still stand some improvement. Doesn't matter. A good book shines through regardless, and this was a very very good book.
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