Fated Hearts

Becky Flade
Fated Hearts
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Crimson Romance
Release Date
September 2015
Book 2 of The Cove
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Psychiatrist Henley Elliott fled her quiet life in Cleveland for a gypsy lifestyle, trying to stay one step ahead of her painful memories. When she breaks down in quirky little Trappers' Cove, Minnesota, she meets Sheriff Carter McAlister - a man healing from his own share of hidden heartbreaks.

At the request of a friend, Carter offers Henley a job to help her get back on her feet . . . but soon he can't resist trying to sweep the intriguing woman off them. Breaking through her carefully built shell proves to be a near-impossible task, and to make matters worse, a dangerous new presence in the Cove seems to be targeting Henley. They must learn to trust in each other in order to keep her safe.

Can Henley and Carter leave their secrets and scars in the past to get a second chance at happily ever after?

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Aug 01, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Henley and Carter heal the scars of their past in FATED HEARTS.

Henley Elliot is on the run. Ever since she woke up from the coma caused by her college boyfriend Jacob, she's been different. She can feel people's emotions with a touch. Though she thought she had put the past behind her and moved on when she became a psychiatrist, it all came back when Jonah walked into her practice. Henley thought if she could help the young boy dealing with the loss of his mother, and the anger over his adoption that she could somehow fix her own past.

Instead, she was forced to transfer Jonah to another therapist when he became fixated on her. She then ended up stirring up her past to the point where she had a very public breakdown and her family moved to have her committed. She's been in her car driving away from Cleveland ever since. She stops at Trapper's Cove when her car finally breaks down.

Carter McAlister is the town sheriff. He left his job as a big city cop in Philly after his partner was killed right in front of him, and he almost died. His dog Dublin saved his life, and they've been together ever since. Carter retreated to Trapper's Cove, and his friends Maggie and Aidan so he could heal. When he meets Henley, he sees a woman with secrets, but he also recognizes a kindred soul. As Carter and Henley grow closer, Carter accepts her abilities, and they begin to build a future. Unfortunately, Henley was not merely running away from herself, and her watcher doesn't approve of her budding relationship with Carter. Can Carter save Henley from her stalker or will he be forced to watch as another person he loves dies?

Becky Flade sets Henley and Carter up to heal each other. They both suffer from PTSD because of events in their past. Together, they are able to talk out what happened and start to move past it. Ms. Flade realizes the effect the past has on shaping a character. She uses that to great advantage in FATED HEARTS. Henley and Carter do not allow the past to control them, but it has led them both to Trapper's Cove. Using trauma as a connection is not always a great idea because once the person has begun healing they often feel differently. Ms. Flade accepts that neither Carter nor Henley is going to be the person they were before their lives were torn apart, and she uses their healing to unite them.

Aidan and Maggie provide supportive secondary characters that help flesh out the story and add depth. Their own past terror, Maggie was kidnapped and forced to kill her kidnapper in self-defense, gives them insight into Carter and Henley's budding relationship. Maggie and Aidan are happy to play matchmakers to their friends. It is nice to see secondary characters with their own lives and motivations. It gives the novel depth and believability.

If you like suspense stories or are interested in healing narratives, check out FATED HEARTS. You won't be disappointed.
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