Hard Sell

Kendall Morgan
Hard Sell


Tulabella Ruby Press
Release Date
September 2015
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

What if the porn star you always adored was secretly living right under your nose?

Wes Mitchell, 49, is the best real estate agent in Urlack, a small Midwestern town. He has political ambitions, but he has secrets he thinks will destroy his life and his business. To protect all he has, he keeps his personal life private and his heart locked away.

When Jesse Ekstrom, 32, meets Wes he slowly realizes why the handsome older man looks so familiar. Wes Mitchell is Wes Western, the hunky star of the porn videos that helped Jesse come out and deal with a rocky adolescence. Meeting Wes is like meeting his hero.

Although Wes finds Jesse very attractive, he is leery of the younger man, unsure of what he wants from him. All Jesse wants is for Wes to open his heart. Jesse's initial attempts to date Wes go well but mean becoming another one of his secrets. That is not good enough for Jesse. Wes has to decide whether he is willing to risk a life that is good enough for a love that is beyond his wildest dreams.

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