Dream Walker

Kimberly Dean
Dream Walker
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Tiger Eye Productions, LLC
Release Date
September 2015
Book 2 of Dream Weavers
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Research scientist Shea Caldwell has always had a thing for security consultant, Derek Oneiros. He's smart, handsome, and built like a Greek god. As attracted as she is to him, though, she's afraid to let him into her bed – because she's dangerous when she sleeps.

Derek is known among his brothers as "The Machine," yet his carefully cultivated control is put to the test whenever he's around Shea. The woman is as beautiful as she is intelligent, but they've always kept things professional – until Derek learns why. Shea is sleepwalking again, but what she doesn't know is that he may be the only one who can help her. For he is a Greek daemon, and he's charged with protecting her dreams.

With Shea threatened, Derek makes things personal, and their nights together turn steamy and intimate. He's ready to battle against the Somnambulist that's been controlling his lover in her sleep, yet is the night creature really causing all the harm? When Shea's groundbreaking research notes are stolen, it's clear that other evil forces may be at work.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Jan 05, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Dreams and nightmares are something we cannot control. We feel the most vulnerable when we are out of control. The idea that there are beings that can take us over in our sleep is quite scary. The idea that there are also guardians to protect us provides some reassurance. Shea needs all the protection she can get when the Somnambulist that visited her as a child is back and not willing to let her go.

Shea has some serious concerns. She fears what she is doing in her sleep. It is not the first time. As a child, she was told a demon (Somnambulist) was inside her that was causing her sleepwalking. She is a scientist and businesswoman and is terrified of what she might destroy during her sleep. Shea has been attracted to Derek who provides security for her company. With her concerns about her loss of control, she fears any attachment.

Derek does run a security business but he has an even more important job protecting those assigned to him while they sleep. He and his brothers are the things people talk about in myths. They try to make sure humans dream so they can be refreshed and recharged. He has been attracted to Shea but feels like she is not open to a relationship. When he notices she is not sleeping well, he becomes very worried and enlists the aid of his brothers. They know there are beings out there that can harm humans and he does not want Shea to become another victim.

The author does a very good job with character development. She provides a lot of history on Shea to explain her actions and concerns. Without those details, it would have been more difficult to understand her desire to not act on her feelings for Derek or get help. He is gorgeous and protective and most women would have at least tried to get his attention. We get less detail on Derek's long history but there is enough to understand his perspective as well.

The storyline keeps your interest. This is the second book in the series on the brothers but you don't have to read the first book to keep up with the story. The reader gets to see and experience even what Shea is not aware of occurring during her dreams. The question is how much damage will the Somnambulist do before Derek can understand what is going on and stop it before someone is killed? There is another arc to the storyline about someone that may be out to get the business that is pretty easy to solve.

When we sleep, we are vulnerable. This story challenges our imagination to believe there are demons and guardians that monitor our sleep. Most of the demons prey on children but Shea's Somnambulist doesn't want to let her go. Fortunately, she has a guardian on her side that is willing to go to any length to protect her. It is very interesting idea that leads to a storyline that keeps your interest and satisfies your need for love and romance and a real sexual connection between the main characters.
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