Marshmallows and the Snow

Liza Kay
Marshmallows and the Snow
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eXtasy Books
Release Date
August 2015
Book 1 of Sweet Snacks
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Ruben, a young man from London, enjoys his first vacation with his first boyfriend in Norway. But soon, the ski-adventure turns into a nightmare. First, Ruben finds Toby fucking one of the hotel's employees in their bed. Then, in his haste to flee the horrible situation, he becomes lost in the cold woods. And when he finally finds shelter in a remote cabin, the owner welcomes him with a raised shotgun.

Aleksander is stunned when the tiny guy he thought was a burglar faints right in front of him. To make it up to him, he peels the cute slip of a man out of his soggy, icy clothes and tucks him into bed. The meteorologist and self-declared hermit plans to get rid of his guest as soon as he wakes up. Ruben is less than thrilled though.

The blond, Nordic God might have a habit of swinging shotguns, hatchets, or axes, but he's kind, caring and hot as hell, too. Ruben is instantly smitten and falls hard for the older man. He tries everything to seduce him and even considers to uproot his whole life in London for Aleks' love. But Aleks has been burned in the past. Can he accept the love and future Ruben offers him, or will Ruben return to London for good?

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Sep 30, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sweet and flufftastic, to the max!

Ruben and his boyfriend were on a ski trip in Norway. During their trip, Ruben walked in on his boyfriend cheating on him with the bellboy. Charming, I know. So Ruben stomped out of the room and out of the hotel, right into the snowy wilderness of Norway. Not a smart move.

Not smart until he stumbled upon a cabin belonging to someone resembling a Nordic god, Aleksander.

Aleksander couldn't resist the cute and adorable Ruben. Aleks rescued him from the freezing cold and kept him nice and toasty.

Ruben and Aleks were suuuuper sweet together. They were sappy and borderline cheesy. I really had to suspend my disbelief in order to get into these guys. They were both perfect and fit perfectly together in their perfect little cabin... if you get my drift.

But their cuteness made me smile and I finished this sweet little number in one sitting. It was an easy, relaxing read.
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