Milky Coffee and Office Gossip

Liza Kay
Milky Coffee and Office Gossip
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Release Date
September 2015
Book 2 of Sweet Snacks
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Corey Williams' life at work is pure hell since he stalked one of his colleagues in an attempt to secure a date. Thanks to office gossip, all his coworkers know what he's done, and their jabs and cruel jokes just won't stop. When his boss hires a lawyer to assist with a difficult client, Corey is determined to keep away from temptation and avoid further ribbing. But life never goes as planned. Instead of avoiding the man, Corey douses him in cold coffee minutes after Remington Yates sets foot in the office.

Remy only took the case because his boss forced him to do it, and Corey's little accident turns out to be a welcome distraction. Overhearing Corey's coworker's gossiping, he learns about the man's bad luck with men and decides to seduce the cute accountant. It's only sex, and as soon as he's finished his job, they will never see each other again.

Corey is smitten by his new lover, and full of hope to find love in Remy's arms. Then office gossip strikes again and he pushes his lover away, trying to protect his heart. But what started as a convenient fling, turned into a matter of the heart for the confident lawyer. And he's not ready to let Corey go.

If you enjoy a cocky man who engages in old-fashioned wooing, don't miss this romantic read!

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Oct 13, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Another very cute and light story from Liza Kay.

Poor Corey made some unfortunate choices regarding a colleague. He liked the guy and wanted to go out with him and did all he could to make sure that happened. Only, it didn't work. All he did was embarrass himself and create loads of gossip surrounding him.

His office was right next to the water cooler and coffee machine, so he hears all the gossip and what people really think about him, no matter how untrue it all is. The Mean Girls of the office made a bet about how Corey would handle the new, sexy client. Of course, right after this Corey ran right into the guy. Literally. With a cup of coffee in hand and everything. Corey really couldn't catch a break.

But Remy thought all of Corey's fumbling and blushing was cute and, much to Corey's surprise, asked him out on a date. They went out had a good time and some good sex. Remy isn't the love 'em and keep 'em type, but he couldn't seem to let Corey go.

Their romance was cute and Corey was a very endearing character. I liked him and how he stood up to Remy. I do think some of his actions were a bit hasty and a lot could have been avoided. Although, Remy's grovelling was adorable, borderline cheesy, but still adorbs. He really proved himself to Corey, even though I don't think he really had anything to prove. Ah, well. Made for some sweet scenes.

Both stories in this Sweet Snack Series are just that, sweet little bites that can be read in an afternoon. Nothing too substantial, but easy reading that'll put a smile on your face.
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