Bailey Bradford
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Pride Publishing
Release Date
September 2015
Book 7 of Southern Spirits
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

Conner Sutherland never thought he'd meet the love of his life in the Afterlife…

Conner Sutherland has been alone for a long time. He can't remember the last time he even felt the desire to be touched by another man. Sometime before his death, when he'd still been Laine's lover. But Laine had found Severo years ago, and if any two people were meant for each other it was Laine and Sev. Where that leaves Conner, he doesn't know, other than feeling lost and out of sorts.

He doesn't want to think about the way he feels when he sees Ro—Rogelio, Sev's nephew. Conner's seen Ro grow from pretty boy into a handsome man, but wanting him is foolish and useless. Ro's got a life to live, and even if he does things that hurt Conner, that's not Ro's fault. He doesn't know he entranced Conner long ago.

Ro has only ever wanted one man for keeps. It's a pointless want, though, because Conner Sutherland is dead and too busy pranking Laine and Sev to notice Ro anyway.

But life, and death, have a way of surprising you, as Ro and Conner find out.

Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Dec 08, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Conner Sutherland has been alone for a long time and Rogelio has only ever wanted one man for keeps. Both are about to find out that life and death has a way of surprising you in this captivating paranormal romance.

A roller coaster of emotions bombards readers as they get caught up in this gripping romance and a sense of wonder catches the reader by surprise when life works out for these two strong, compelling characters. The chemistry is sizzling and the sex scenes are scorching while Conner and Ro find themselves faced with their happily ever after. The well written, fast paced plot flows smoothly with suspense, turmoil and romance that captivates readers throughout the story while the intriguing events ensure that the reader continues to turn the pages until the very end.

I have now officially caught up in this series and while I enjoyed each and every one and I don't necessarily want to say that this is my favorite, I definitely was excited that Conner got his very own story because he has kept me thoroughly entertained in each and every book, so this was one well deserved romance.

Note: While this series can be read out of order as I read them, I have to lean toward recommending that they be read in sequence to avoid spoilers and because some events that take place are better if read in the order the author intended.
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