Spirit Fall

Tessa McFionn
Spirit Fall


Etopia Press
Release Date
December 2014
Book 1 of The Guardians
Paranormal Romance

The battle between Good and Evil has raged since the dawn of time, the Guardian Warriors, fighters of strength and power pitting wits against their nemesis, the Rogue Warriors, agents of chaos and deceit. For 700 years, Malakai Gregori Vadim has shouldered the mantle of Guardian, battling the forces of darkness. Yet, a chance encounter on a nightly stroll will forever change Kai's destiny.
After falling into a deep depression following the murder of her fiance, Siobhan Whelan stands perched on the ledge, one step away from ending it all. Alone in her grief, Voni is tormented by horrific nightly terrors plaguing her sleep, leading her away from her joys as a dancer and into the path of darkness and despair. Only the kind voice of a Good Samaritan guides her back to earth and now, she is thrust into a very different world, for this mysterious and handsome stranger is much more than meets the eye.
Surrounded by the heart of San Diego's beautiful scenery, Kai must learn patience as he discovers why this petite beauty has not only captured his heart, but the eyes of Rogue Warriors to boot. With his body eager to claim his newly discovered spiritmate, the one who will ground him in the mortal world once again, he must fight his own nature to draw her out into the light of day, giving her heart reason to trust and to love again.
But his enemy, Dmitrius Konstantin has other plans. For the past year, he has fed on her grief, coming to her through her nightmares as he hopes to push her over the edge, claiming her and her as yet unknown powers for his side. As Kai learns of his foe's deadly interest, he must solve the riddle of Voni's tortured dreams while holding his growing desire for her at bay.
Now, he and his fellow Guardian, Eamon McClearon must venture into the In-Between, the Void that serves as the powerbase for the Rogue Warriors, to save her soul as well as his own.
Will his love be strong enough to save them both?


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