It's Got to be Perfect

Haley Hill
It's Got to be Perfect
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Release Date
January 2016
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance

When Ellie Rigby throws her engagement ring in the gutter, she's certain of one thing: she has yet to find true love. Having dumped a fiancé who checked every box on her ‘must have list' and fed up with disastrous internet dates with married men, sociopaths and men with asymmetrical nasal hair, Ellie decides to launch her own dating agency and discover the truth about love.

With the help of her mismatched but trusty friends, Ellie starts to match clients: TV stars, investment bankers, glamour seems everyone needs help when it comes to relationships. Along the way, she starts to learn the mysterious statistics that govern our romantic lives: 28 is the most eligible age for women, 85 percent of relationships fail and 35 is the age when most men want to get married. But is becoming an expert in love enough? When tall, dark and handsome Nick walks into the agency asking to be matched, Ellie will need to draw on all her skills as a matchmaker to figure out: this time, is it finally perfect?

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Dec 08, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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How can one become a matchmaker when she can't find love herself? Find out in IT'S GOT TO BE PERFECT.

When her umpteenth online date turns into yet another loser, Ellie Rigby decides to take matters into her own hands and starts her own matchmaking business. Visiting bars and billing herself and her besties as "headhunters," Ellie quickly builds a successful business matching couples based on their preferences and her gut. When she's pursued by the friend of a client, she can't help but refuse his advances...after all, she's in no place to date right now! Undaunted, Nick woos Ellie with a single minded focus, and she's helpless to resist. Join Ellie and friends on their romantic adventures in matchmaking.

IT'S GOT TO BE PERFECT is a cute chick-lit story that'll make you smile and laugh and, if you're single, relate to the perils of dating, and if you're attached, thank your lucky stars not to have to be in the meat/meet market any longer. The majority of this story is focused on Ellie's adventures in matchmaking along with the people she meets. There's Stacey and Lacey (compared to sausages being waved under eligible men's noses), Cassandra (the penis breaker), William (with a tennis skirt fetish) and Henry (who wants his woman's nipples to be the perfect shade of pink). The cast of characters are fabulous, I absolutely adored the variety of people that came to Ellie looking for love, hearing their non-negotiable desires for a mate and laughing when they inevitably wind up wanting something totally different.

Ellie's relationship with Nick was a secondary storyline that didn't get much page time, though I don't want to spoil the fun by going into details about their coupledom. IT'S GOT TO BE PERFECT had no actual sex in the storyline, just some groping and kissing and such. It's told from Ellie's POV, and I enjoyed the London vibe of the entire story. The only thing I didn't like was the ending; it felt rushed and incomplete, though it does leave things open for a follow up novel.

Bottom Line: A really fun read by the owner of UK's largest matchmaking agency turned author. Though this story isn't completely autobiographical, it's loosely based on the people she met through the years. I'll look forward to more from Ms. Hill's file folders of eligible folks.
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