Oswald's Lament

Alp Mortal
Oswald's Lament


The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
September 2015

Oswald's Lament is part of The Weaver & The Loom family of stories, which includes The Boatwright and The Weaver & The Loom.

Oswald's Lament is set in the time before The Boatwright and a few years after Oswald, Jonah and Magdala meet for the first time. In this story, the trio are reunited once again and celebrate their good fortune. The war is over and refugees are pouring into the city of Aubade. Two such refugees make a resounding impact: Drake, the foot soldier who escaped torture and death, steals Jonah's heart and Oswald is smitten by Dumah, a young captain of the guard.

Jonah's affair is all too brief but he regains his hope for the future. Oswald falls hard for the captain but the captain is not all that he seems and, in cavorting with him, Oswald risks everything.

Just when Oswald believes he has won love's greatest prize, it is snatched from his grasp, leaving him utterly forlorn. He asks a troubadour to compose a lament for him. The troubadour composes and recites the lament, giving Oswald back something which he never expected to reclaim.

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