Lust For Bad Boys

Kat Barrett
Lust For Bad Boys
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eXtasy Romance
Release Date
October 2015
Book 1 of Wild Angels
Action/Adventure Romance, BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Years after her husband's death, Mirra Shade lives alone in her motorhome. She is living close to her son and his three children, but at night, the loneliness of an empty bed plagues her.
Mirra has a thing for bad boys, but has found no one who could capture her interest enough to bother going on a date with him.
When a toy hauler pulls into the space beside her, Mirra finds herself compellingly attracted to the owner.
Ramiel is a long haired biker with a captivating smile who has spent the last year of his life honoring his late wife's wishes. It seems the two have a promising attraction to one another, but secrets from his life leave them both caught in a string of mishaps that threaten to end things before they even have a chance to begin.
With the aid of Ramiel's long standing friend and occasional lover Hayyel, will the blessed of the archangels allow them to find happiness, or will it all come crashing down around them and tear the three apart?

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Jan 10, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Mirra has been alone since her husband's death. When a hot guy pulls into the trailer park, she thinks he is pure bad boy. He looks the part but turns out to be something quite different. He is a special kind of shifter and has lost his mate. He wasn't expecting to find someone like Mirra. Should they take a chance on love again or stay on the safe path?

Mirra is a widow, mother and grandmother. She and her husband had planned on living in their motor home full time but he died and she is doing it on her own. It is a little lonely but she enjoys being independent and gets to spend time with her family. Her husband was a good guy but she always had an eye for the bad boys. When a gorgeous older man arrives at the trailer park, she is definitely attracted. She is not sure what to make of him and soon learns that he has a very different background. She has to decide if she is willing to take a chance on a new love.

Ramiel has also lost his spouse and has two adult children. He is on a journey with his mate's ashes and is there to end the trip with a ceremony with her family. He is not human and neither are his children. He is a special kind of cat shifter that has angelic origins. He never expected to have feelings for Mirra who is a human. In addition to his secret origins, he also has a special friendship with a male friend that is sexual on occasion. He was happy with his wife but Mirra really fits into his life and feels so right to him.

I read hundreds of paranormal romances every year. I really liked that the author created an interesting origin for Ramiel's species and tied it to angels. They are a protective species and it fits well with Ramiel's character. He is very protective of his family and those he cares about. He has deep concerns about not hurting others and wanting to be true to his nature. He struggles with making the right choices. The species is also not known to mate with humans and they are expected to have children to continue the species. It creates some difficulty for a relationship between him and Mirra. There really is not that much focus on his paranormal abilities in the story.

I also liked that we have older characters in this story who are more mature and dealing with different kinds of concerns and issues. The author spends a great deal of time sharing their personal histories and introducing the reader to their families. This helps the reader develop a stronger connection to the characters and made me more invested in the story.

You also get a menage component to the story. There are several different types of sexual interactions in the story including two males. Ramiel's species have different ideas about sexuality and it is not unusual for males to have sexual interactions with both male and female partners. Hayyel has been his good friend for many years and a sexual partner as well. Ramiel's wife was not open to that relationship but Mirra is intrigued. She enjoys watching and participating in sexual activities with them both. The author did an excellent job with all the scenes. They were very erotic but also illustrated a connection among them all that went beyond the sexual activities.

This is a very well-written paranormal romance. The paranormal aspect take a minor role in the story compared to the focus on the couple and their desire to navigate the obstacles so they can build a life together. The author does an excellent job developing the characters and creating a relationship that feels strong and believable. I really enjoyed the story and would definitely check out other books by the author.
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