A Love to Last

Kelsey Browning
A Love to Last
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Release Date
November 2015
Book 1 of Prophecy of Love
Contemporary Romance

Her boots were made for walking…

Drifter Delaney Shields plans to breeze through Prophecy, Texas, before setting off on an around-the-world trip of a lifetime. She never expects to see sexy-as-sin Cal Maddox, the man she ran out on a decade ago. One look between them and their past attraction ignites, flaming hotter than ever. But acting on it would be disastrous because she's not the sticking kind, and Cal has roots a mile deep.

Cal Maddox left the military only to find both the health of his dad and his hometown failing. When Delaney walks into his father's custom boot shop, she spurs emotional memories and sexual fantasies Cal has no business indulging in. Especially once he realizes she's the next Prophecy bootmaker, the only person who can design custom cowboy boots with the power to change a person's destiny. But if fanning those old flames will keep her in Prophecy, he's willing to take the heat, even if it means keeping secrets and risking his heart again.

Duty and desire throw Cal and Delaney together, but will their feelings be strong enough to forge a new bond or will they destroy their second chance at love?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 21, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When I read the synopsis for this book, I rolled my eyes. Magic boots in Texas? Eh…but being a huge fan of Ms. Browning, I figured I'd give it a shot, and man, I'm so glad I did!

Prophecy, TX wasn't the location that drifter Delaney Shields expected to find herself in, but she can't leave the country on her eighty-days-around-the-world tour without checking on Whit Maddox's health. She doesn't expect to see her ex Cal Maddox there with his dad, or for the jolt of anger and regret she sees in his eyes. With Whit's health dwindling, the Prophecy Boot Company finds itself without a bootmaker, and thus the town finds itself without tourist dollars. See, the PBC is known for its boots that bring the wearer good fortune and a bright future, and now that Whit is riddled with arthritis, he can no longer create the magic people waited months for and spent thousands on.

But Whit has a plan: he knows who the next Prophecy bookmaker is…and she's just returned to town. Delaney absolutely can NOT stay in Texas! She's got big plans, a travel schedule to keep! But she also can't bear to leave the town high and dry by refusing Whit's pleas. And, if she's honest with herself, Prophecy is the closest thing to a home she's ever had, and Cal the closest thing to pure, unadulterated love she's ever experienced. Cal knows he has to convince Delaney to stick around, but how can you lasso the wind?

A LOVE TO LAST is the first book in the the talented Ms. Browning's new series Prophecy of Love, and just like every book in her Texas Nights Series, this was fabulous! Delaney was like the wind, calm and settled one minute, restless and on the move the next. Cal wants stability, roots, a family…the exact opposite of what the woman he's loved since he was a teenager wants. Together, the two couldn't be more different, but the chemistry between them ignites when they're together and I felt like I was holding my breath with each conversation they had. They couldn't be within 5 feet of one another without their mouths (and hands, and bodies) becoming intimately involved. Like fire and water, the two created such steam that it was almost palpable.

The magic steeped in this book was well written and not only fun but also unique and something I truly enjoyed. The only thing I didn't like about A LOVE TO LAST was how petulant and juvenile Delaney acted most of the time. Her constant need to run got annoying after a point and she stopped being a character I empathized with and turned into one I wished would just leave already! Even so, the sweet passion between she and Cal was nicely done and well written, in fact, the entire book was that way.

Bottom Line: A LOVE TO LAST was an interesting, unique and fun start to Ms. Browning's new series, and you can bet I'll be requesting future books the second they're available!
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Book Review by JenniferS (reviewer)
Dec 08, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A LOVE TO LAST by Kelsey Browning was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea how a book about a prophecy bootmaker, who had the ability to tell you a person's destiny, was going to turn out. Luckily it turned out to be a wonderful read that I will definitely re-read again.

Delaney and Cal have some real serious history together. Delaney ran out on Cal and hasn't stopped running since. She's only back in town for a short amount of time, but if Cal has his way she'll never leave.

Delaney was chosen years ago to be the next prophecy bootmaker. Now that Cal's daddy is sick, he needs her to take over. Cal is still feeling hurt over how they left things. He doesn't trust her not to leave again, so he plans to seduce her into staying. Only…who's seducing who?

The chemistry floating in the air between them is still going strong, after years of being apart. The emotions between the two are heavy and something you just can't shake off. Their love was written in the stars or in this case, in the boots. The book title says it all…Delaney and Cal have a love to last.

The story was well-written and immediately grabbed my attention. The more I kept reading, the more I didn't want to stop. The storyline is unique and incredibly fresh. I really hope there is more to this series. Highly recommended!
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