Secrets, Lies & Imperfections

Pamela L. Todd
Secrets, Lies & Imperfections
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Totally Bound
Release Date
November 2015
Book 2 of Beautiful Sinners
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Falling for her could be his biggest gamble.

Life as Seth Hamilton feels pretty damn good. Easy-going, charming and blessed with a face to make panties drop, Seth has it all. For the last two years, he has been sleeping his way across Europe, enjoying a carefree life and reaping the benefits—until his hotel-mogul father orders him home and tells him it's about time he grew up.

Back in his hometown of Las Vegas, Seth is adamant he won't follow in his father's footsteps. He wants something out of life, to leave his own mark. The only problem is he has no idea what he wants to do—apart from enjoy everything the world has to offer.

Cassidy Reynolds knows what she wants out of life, and Seth Hamilton is not it. She refuses to be another notch on his whittled-down bedpost and fights against the obvious attraction and raw sexual heat he exudes from every pore.

Seth has never met someone like Cassidy—funny, sharp-tongued and way too smart for his charm. After a disastrous first, second and even third impression, Seth finally convinces Cassidy to give him a chance for her to get to know the real him.

Everything about Cassidy flips Seth's world around. And for the first time, he realizes what it means to have something worth fighting for.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 09, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Five amazing, belly laughing, gut checking stars for this brilliant read by the very talented Ms. Todd.

Trust fund baby Seth Hamilton has been partying and whoring his way around Europe for the past 2 years on daddy's dime, but when said daddy calls the morning after a particularly spectacular threesome, it's time to return home to Vegas and pay the piper. After meeting his brother's girlfriend, who helps him get a job managing a hotel club, Seth can't help but smile. Vegas women flock to him just as easily as Ibiza women did, his natural setting solidly on flirt 24 hours a day. Until he meets nurse Cassidy Reynolds and is promptly dismissed, repeatedly, leaving no room for discussion. But Seth is nothing if not stubborn and persistent, used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. Cassidy finally agrees to give him a shot to show her the real him, and Seth knows that his life will never be the same again.

I can't believe I've not heard of this Beautiful Sinners Series, as this was a wickedly funny read that had me literally LOL'ing one minute and almost in tears the next. The story is told from Seth's POV, and he is an excellent character. Cocky and sure and confident and a true manwhore, he loves all types of women (as often as possible). In Cassidy, he finds a woman who doesn't only middle finger all of his advances, but who also makes him want to become a creepy stalker.

Ohmygawd their chemistry is OOC, off the charts, the chain, the rails…pick your preference. I adored watching Seth stumble around like a socially awkward tween whenever she was within his orbit (and even when she wasn't). I usually don't completely dig the whole complete and utter manwhore vibe from my MC's, but Seth was so funny and silly and sweet and self-deprecating that I couldn't help but adore his every move. He and Cassidy's relationship was simply gorgeous. When they made love, it felt magical, when they were fighting I felt like my bff's were getting divorced. It's a rare read that gets me so worked up, but SECRETS, LIES AND IMPERFECTIONS had me glued to the kindle and refusing to even take a break till every last word was digested. This is definitely one of my favorite reads of 2015.

Bottom Line: This is a must read for any fans of romance. There's no whips or ropes or safe words, no wild chandelier swinging monkey sex, no covert ops dudes rescuing a chick in over her head, it's just a story about a girl who makes a boy want to be a better man. Absolutely flawless, Ms. Todd. I'll be picking up the first in this series ASAP.
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