The Secret of Talmor Manor

Matthew Lang
The Secret of Talmor Manor
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MLR Press
Release Date
February 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, LGBTQ, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

After a mysterious package arrives on Jake's doorstep, he starts having very strange dreams: when he falls asleep he finds himself in a dilapidated English Manor inhabited by a number of ghosts who believe he can free them from their eternal existence. But when the Lord of the Manor appears in Jake's living room, Jake finds himself facing some very difficult questions. What should he do about the attraction between him and this turn of the century living ghost? Why is someone trying to kill them in their dreams? And what should he wear to the upcoming Halloween party?

Book Review by Sueroe (author)
Apr 18, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Spare a thought for Nathaniel Norwich. One moment, he's an Edwardian lord whose manor has become imprisoned by a witch's spell, and the next moment he's landed on Jake's living-room carpet in modern-day Melbourne. Oh, and he never thought he was gay. A tangled web?

Who, or what, is Nate? A living ghost? Possibly. And how does Jake react to this person's sudden arrival? Well, he's no stranger to Jake because Jake, in his dreams, has been visiting him in the dilapidated Talmor Manor. And they haven't been sweet dreams either, more like nightmares because someone or something is trying to kill both Jake and Nate. It's all because of a glass rose that was delivered anonymously on Jake's doorstep. A tangled web indeed, but this quoted snippet, I think, gives an idea of where the story's going:

"Master Nathaniel has sat in the receiving room since we were lost, and the Mistress says that one day he will speak and we will be free…."

"I'm sorry," Jake said.

Matthew Lang has done a great job at creating two wholesome main characters, ones I wanted only the best for. Their "on-page" chemistry is almost tangible and their dialogue works well. Add a quirky best friend, ghosts galore, an evil vampire-type antagonist, a sister who isn't as she seems, and a randy, gigantic (in all senses of the word) Green Man and you have a cast more than capable of carrying this story along.

It can't have been an easy story to write because the scene flits back from present-day to Edwardian England. The story line combines witches' curses, a kingdom in forever winter, paganism, magic, vampires, and runes. Complicated in itself, but a tale full of wonderful imagination. With just these components the story line winds in and out, but Mr. Lang doesn't stop there. There's the additional problem of how an Edwardian lord is going to survive in present day Melbourne. While this is a potentially excellent plot device, I felt that this part brought the book down somewhat: Jake's explanations were too long and involved (but then, I'm not Australian so forgive me if I'm wrong). The dialogue became a monologue as Jake expounded on his opinions. I think the novel could've been cut by a third.

For this reason, the pace dragged – particularly in the middle – but towards the climax, it picked up and there was a roller-coaster of an ending with the myriad of threads all neatly tied up.

On the whole I enjoyed THE SECRET OF TALMOR MANOR for its originality and the surprises along the way. The romantic sections were sweet to hot. I do admit that I skipped the third or fourth encounter between the two men, but that's just me. People who love this genre will find this a satisfying read.
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