A Hunter's Heart

Suzy Shearer
A Hunter's Heart


Siren Bookstrand
Release Date
September 2014
Book 1 of The Hunters
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

They were created by the gods, immortal Hunters who roam the earth seeking out the strigoi - immortal vampires!

Charlotte Peel, single, 54 with psychic abilities, is stalked by something evil, but unknowingly saved—her saviour is Matei Lupei. Charlotte is so attracted to Matei, yet he is young enough to be her son and she tries to ignore the feelings of love she has.

But for Matei, Charlotte is his 'One' and he is in love with her. He is an immortal Hunter of strigoi—vampires over two thousand years old. Somehow he needs to convince her that he is not a vampire, despite his fangs and his need for blood.

"…Tall, so very tall and imposing. He had dark hair pulled back from his face. His face was so masculine yet with a beauty of its own: that 5 o'clock stubble look, with unbelievable green eyes. He simply oozed maleness and sex…and, oh yes, and he was young, very young, he looked about 30. Charlotte felt her heart rise then plummet…"

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