One Touch More

Mandy Baxter
One Touch More
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Release Date
October 2015
Book 3 of U.S. Marshals
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Strong, relentless, and lethal, he plays every angle to trap the worst criminals. But for the one woman he can't resist, he'll break all the rules…

For hotel manager Tabitha Martin, bad boys usually spell disaster. And her new guest promises just that, with his formidable build, tattooed biceps, and quiet take-no-mess attitude. Tabitha is already putting everything on the line to escape her vicious drug-dealing ex's control for good—but a single sizzling moment in "Damien Evans'" arms has her wanting all the trouble he can give…

He's been undercover too long and likes living dangerously too much. U.S. Marshal Parker Evans figures maybe that's why he doesn't immediately put Tabitha in custody. Sure, she's his one chance to finally take down a major drug ring. But every minute he protects this mostly innocent blonde leaves his heart all too vulnerable. And the cost of desire could be a deadly endgame…

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Oct 13, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Who can resist a big sexy man with more ink than manners? Not me!!

U.S. Marshal Parker "Damien" Evans is a ghost. Undercover for years, he sometimes forgets that he's not REEEEAAALLLLY a scumbag criminal, but that line gets awfully blurry some days. After years in the Marines and the U.S. Marshals Special Operations Group, Damien is starting to think that finding a nice girl and living a quiet, stress-free, drug-free, criminal-free life sounds pretty damn good. Too bad the first woman he meets that has that potential is up to her baby blues in dirty drug deals.

Tabitha Martin has bigger ambitions than the assistant manager's position at the local hotel, she's just got to make it through nursing school first. Unfortunately, her penchant for bad boys has her under the thumb of Joey, an ex boyfriend and small-time drug dealer who's blackmailing her into letting him use her hotel for his business dealings. Even worse is the fact that the hottest man she's ever met seems to be working alongside him. Bummer. Every time Tabs is within 10 feet of Damien, her body absolutely explodes with lust, a feeling reciprocated by the inked up dealer.

Now that Damien has met "the one," he's having a real hard time not breaking cover and sharing the details of his assignment with her, especially since she's not the hardened criminal he first thought. Nothing else seems to matter when the two of them are together, their obsession with one another skirting the fine line of addiction. But when Damien finds out that Tabitha and her brother not only know the big fish he's after, but that he's practically family, he knows the end of this assignment is near. And he'll be dammed if he gives up his woman for any reason now that he's found her.

As one of my favorite series, I was so excited for ONE TOUCH MORE, the 3rd offering in the deliciously fun U.S. Marshals Series by the talented Ms. Baxter. This book didn't disappoint, living up to the high bar set in previous books and, in my opinion, jumping straight over it and rocketing to another level altogether. It amazes me that Ms. Baxter is still a relatively new author since her stories are so well written, with a huge dose of heat and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat begging for more of one or the other.

In ONE TOUCH MORE, Damien came off as a badass undercover agent who has had just about enough of straddling the line between criminal and cop. The blurred lines are getting to him, almost to the point of dual personalities. Tabitha sees through his bad guy demeanor directly to the man with a good heart, and instead of trying to change him or even talk him out of running drugs and getting shot, she accepts him for every aspect of him. He's the perfect guy for her…bad boy on the outside but a loving and protective (and sexy as hell) man on the inside. The chemistry between them actually made my kindle start smoking, and it got to the point where I had to make sure nobody was around to literally watch me squirm in my seat.

And while most of this story was foreplay, I'm pretty sure that was just as hot (if not hotter) than when they finally got down to buttering the biscuit. The suspense was terrific too, between Tabitha's troubled little brother and her loose cannon ex, there were plenty of dudes who notched up the drama to another level. Even the climax, which has a tendency to fall flat in so many romantic suspense stories, was well done and exciting, making ONE TOUCH MORE one of the best of the year for me.

Bottom Line: This book is a triple threat: erotic, suspenseful and well written. If you're not already a fan of this series, I recommend putting it in your TBR pile ASAP!
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