Nobody's Fool

Sarah Hegger
Nobody's Fool
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Release Date
August 2015
Contemporary Romance

In Sarah Hegger's latest Willow Park Romance, long-held crushes and past frenemies reunite—and wonder if there's ever a second chance to make a good first impression. . .

Holly Partridge had no plans to return to Willow Park, Illinois, until her troubled younger sister Portia fled her home and aimed herself straight at Holly's high school nemesis—too-gorgeous-to-be-true Josh Hunter. Riding a manic bipolar high, Portia's only a danger to herself, but Holly needs to find her before she crashes. That means asking Josh for help.

The ultimate love 'em and leave 'em lothario, Josh was never good for anything but a broken heart. But now he's lending a hand when Holly needs it most—and revealing surprising generosity and compassion. Has Josh shed his bad boy ways? Or is Holly suddenly grown up enough to acknowledge her own mistakes? Trusting Josh could be a disaster—or the first step in banishing the past to make way for a future happier than Holly ever imagined. . .

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 05, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When a book can simultaneously make you laugh, swoon and want to cry, you know it's a winner.

Josh Hunter hasn't seen "Holy" Holly Partridge since high school, but the second he hears that unique voice again, he knows he's in trouble. He always had a bit of a thing for the mouthy sprite, but she was that one person who couldn't care less what he looked like or how popular he was. Holly uses sarcasm and vitriol as her crutch when shit gets real, and what's realer than searching for a bipolar sister who's been missing for several days. Her search leads her to Josh, and in addition to the verbal spars they throw at each other, they're also throwing enough sparks to start a house fire. But when the entire whacked out Partridge family descends on Willow Park, Josh and Holly's flames may be doused.

NOBODY'S FOOL is book 2 in the Willow Park Series and it's a doozy!! I haven't yet read the first, but you can bet I will after this gem. It's a little sweet, a little sad, a little sexy, and all wrapped up in a cloak of dysfunctional family matters that captivated me. I loved the humor in Josh and Holly's back and forth banter. Neither of them needed to still be bitter at 30 years old, but they both held onto it like a security blanket. When Josh realizes his feelings for Holly could be MORE, I loved how he pursued her (even though she insisted he not do so). My heart broke for the situation they found themselves in with Holly's sister Portia. Her bipolar disorder was such a sad thing to watch unfold, and it's not something that crosses your mind if you don't know somebody with that illness. As effed up as this might sound, I love when authors bring an element or illness into a story that I am not familiar with, as it turns into a research exposition to learn as much as I can about the issues.

Bottom Line: Though not the sexiest book out there, NOBODY'S FOOL was gritty and raw and powerful nonetheless. Pick this one up.
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