Luck Be A Lady

Meredith Duran
Luck Be A Lady
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Pocket Books
Release Date
August 2015
Book 4 of Rules for the Reckless
Historical Romance

Romance sizzles between a famous heiress and an infamous crime lord in this fourth sexy novel in the Rules for the Reckless series from the USA TODAY bestselling author of Fool Me Twice.


They call her the "Ice Queen." Catherine Everleigh is London's loveliest heiress, but a bitter lesson in heartbreak has taught her to keep to herself. All she wants is her birthright—the auction house that was stolen from her. To win this war, she'll need a powerful ally. Who better than infamous and merciless crime lord Nicholas O'Shea? A marriage of convenience will no doubt serve them both.


Having conquered the city's underworld, Nick seeks a new challenge. Marrying Catherine will give him the appearance of legitimacy—and access to her world of the law-abiding elite. No one needs to know he's coveted Catherine for a year now—their arrangement is strictly business, free from the troubling weaknesses of love. Seduction, however, is a different matter—an enticing game he means to ensure she enjoys, whether she wishes to or not...

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Oct 11, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I think if I had my choice between the Victorian equivalent of a reputable businessman or a crime boss, I might have to pick the ruthless criminal after reading this book!

All that Catherine Everleigh ever wanted was her birthright, Everleigh's auction house, the place she spent her days growing up learning to be a businesswoman and expert in the fine arts. But her despicable brother is doing everything he can to run Everleigh's into the ground, embezzling money and threatening to close the business altogether. Catherine needs an ally, one who has money and a complete disregard for decency and the law...who better than the notoriously ruthless crime lord Nicholas O'Shea. When she proposes a marriage of convenience to get what they both want, Nick shockingly agrees. He has been watching Catherine longer than she knows about, and he wants her with a ferocity that surprises even him. He agrees to this mutually beneficial marriage, hoping that it can become more. But for now, Nick will settle for just spending time with the beautiful heiress and sticking it to the wealthy politicians who think they can best him.

Ooh, so this is a different historical romance story! The hero isn't a playboy lord or an earl wooing a young virgin schoolmistress. Nope, Nick is a ruthless criminal who learned early on that it pays to be the man in charge. Nick is an interesting character, he's not the typical bad guy one would expect from somebody labeled a "crime boss," but instead, he's kind of a Robin Hood character who doesn't mind sticking it to the rich to help the people in his town…and they adore him for it. Catherine herself was very intriguing, the daughter and heiress of an influential and respected businessman, but she was far from an aristocrat with her stubborn ways and independent streak.

As is typical of book heroines, Catherine had no desire to marry or even keep company with a man, instead preferring to spend time with her antiques and auction pieces. As is also typical, Catherine and Nick really could not be more different, but I still really really liked them together. They had excellent chemistry in and out of the bedroom, and their sex scenes were quite erotic her tasteful. I also love the fact that the last 1/4 of the book WASN'T typical! I don't want to give anything away, but I enjoyed the little role reversal that Catherine and Nick went through toward the end…what an interesting and refreshing surprise!

Bottom Line: LUCK BE A LADY was just an all-around excellent book, even for those who are not necessarily historical romance fans. This book could be told in any era and still be relevant.
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