Tymber Dalton
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
October 2015
Book 32 of Suncoast Society
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Tilly, Landry, and Cris all thought their lives had settled down and they could relax. Great careers and emotional healing lead Tilly to believe they have a charmed life. In her heart, however, she still mourns the fact that she can never have children. But secure with the love of Landry and Cris, and knowing they have a peaceful future ahead, helps her heal.

Then Tilly gets a call from Sofia, Cris' younger cousin. The desperate new mother needs their help to escape a dangerous situation, and Tilly cannot turn her back on Sofia…or her newborn infant.

Unfortunately, the tragic impacts quickly escalate as Sofia's troubles worsen and Tilly, Landry, and Cris find themselves guardians of a newborn. Can they fight relatives and old demons to regain their peace of mind and preserve their new family, or will Tilly's heart once again be crushed by forces beyond her control?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Dec 18, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Get a tissue box ladies, you might need a few to blot the tears suspiciously leaking down your face. My love-hate relationship with Tilly swings hard towards love again. In this latest episode of the "kinky" submissives and the dominants who love them, Tilly really gets hit hard. For those who have lost children or desperately want children but cannot have them, this story may hit a raw nerve. I have no children and I will never have children. I understand Tilly's mournful desire. Tilly's desperate longing for a child of her own is all too clear.

The conflict in this story is realistic and moving. This main conflict is one which is a more common struggle than we care to notice. Sometimes a good girl makes bad decisions, one after another, and ends up in a very bad place. Sofia is such a girl. She does have one saviour and it is her cousin Cris. What is moving about this story is how Tilly and Cris rush to Sofia's aid. The events which unfold are all predictable and I anticipate with a pit in my stomach. I can easily guess what will happen and I keep hoping I'm wrong. In this story, I am sad to learn I am right every time. Bloody hell. I am so emotionally vested my heart physically hurts as each blow comes. Just remembering what happens as I write this review brings tears to my eyes.

What I especially appreciate in this story is how Ms. Dalton does not make Tilly, Cris and Landry the naïve good Samaritans. They are very cautious about Sofia and almost too hard on her in my mind. Personally, I have no family or friends who have been in Sofia's situation so I cannot speak to Tilly's hardness with Sofia. Whilst I'm taken aback by how they view and treat Sofia, it does stay true to all three characters. None of them can be taken as fools. They are street savvy. They fought to get where they are and they know how to use the power they now have.

There is a constant reoccurring theme in this series which mildly bothers me. The dichotomy of asshat blood families versus chosen families is a bit excessive. I'm trying to recall the last time any of these characters have a solid and very supportive family unit borne of blood other than Chelbie in Sapiosexual. Family as in mother, father, cousin and siblings who are not in the lifestyle. It is not to say that Ms. Dalton needs to write a balanced view with supporting loving family members. It just is an odd note I'm noticing. Many of these characters have traumatic pasts with bad childhood memories. A good majority of them are estranged or become estranged from their blood families. The only "good" people are their friends in the society who become their family. Maybe it is because of this commonality which moves me more. It is just an observation. Regardless, this book is fabulous.

This romance is highly recommended for those who love the Tilly, Cris and Landry. This book will show them in another beautiful light.
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