Enlightened Reborn

V. K. Walker
Enlightened Reborn


ErotiKat Books
Release Date
September 2015
Book 2 of Enlightened
Paranormal Romance

The enemy within…

Not that he wanted to be. Forced to infiltrate the Taha'an as an enemy spy by the leader of a rival commune – who just happens to be his father – Collom had no choice but to become a man he doesn't even recognize anymore. Hated by all – and after nearly ten years, he thoroughly returns the sentiment – he is counting down the seconds until this nightmare is over. Except, with the end finally in sight, the most gorgeous, sexy, and let's not forget crazy, woman he's ever encountered has him rethinking everything he's ever known.

Where's a copy of Kidnapping for Dummies when you need one?

First, she's attacked by a couple of psychopaths in her lab, then taken against her will by the biggest jerk on the planet…with the sexiest eyes she's ever seen. Surely, things can't get any worse for Sherryl, right? Stupid question…things can always get worse. Now, Sherryl finds herself imprisoned on a commune – a commune, for crying out loud – where the locals are either psychic beings, or they've got a serious poltergeist problem! And, if that's not bad enough, her own freaky powers have re-emerged from the dormant place she'd shoved them years ago, only she has no control over them. Of course, Collom is usually right in the epicentre of the blast!


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