Yesterday's Sins

Shirley Wine
Yesterday's Sins


Shirley Wine
Release Date
January 2016
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Mainstream fiction, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Western Romance

"Where my family comes from we believe in an eye for an eye—a life for a life—" these words changed Catriona's life forever.
After years of running from a past she cannot bear to remember, a bouquet of flowers, unlooked for and unwanted, makes Kate Audley look over her shoulder in trepidation.
For eight years, the successful real estate agent has lived under an assumed name in the tiny South Auckland village of Clevedon after fleeing Australia and the man who threw her life into chaos.
Eight years in which Kate has had time in plenty to regret the impulsive decision that saw her visit Alexandros Korda in a bid to clear her name.
Now he has found her.
Yesterday's Sins is the captivating story of a woman's attempt to resist the man she loves to hate and Alex's equally determined commitment that she won't succeed.
On her eighteenth birthday a freak accident that killed his nephew, brought Alexandros Korda into Catriona's life.
Seven years later, she is trying to forget the horror that followed and the daughter they has together.
Can she succeed?


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