Mother Teresa's Advice for Jilted Lovers

Donna Barker
Mother Teresa's Advice for Jilted Lovers


Donna Barker
Release Date
January 2016
Book 1 of Advice for Jilted Lovers

Every time Tara Holland thinks she's getting close to finally having her white wedding, the man who should be on his knee, giving her roses, winds up on his back, pushing up daisies.

When a toaster explodes and kills Tara's live-in boyfriend, she is devastated. When a bookshelf lands on her next lover's head while he sleeps, she is crushed. But when paramour number three falls to his death two days after buying her a toothbrush, Tara gets scared.

She can't believe that she has anything to do with the deaths. But, it's hard not to see a pattern. Hoping to re-direct her apparent out-of-control, killer psychic abilities, Tara and best friend Betsy launch a business to help women get out of dead-end relationships.

Whoever coined the phrase, "What could possibly go wrong?" never met this twenty-first century, Thelma and Louise.

Book Review by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer)
May 25, 2016
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What woman doesn't live for the day she'll walk down the aisle wearing a gorgeous white wedding gown to begin her happy ever after? And the only nightmare she dreads coming true is being left at the altar alone with her man disappearing to parts unknown; and after which she begins to wonder whether or not she's been the cause of her situation.

Imagine if you will if the reason for your true love's no show had been his sudden demise? Wouldn't you feel as if fate didn't want you to marry this guy? But suppose each time you've fallen in love with some guy he had died as well, wouldn't you begin to believe you've been cursed when it came to the game of love? I know I would and I would feel the same sort of helplessness Tara Hudson felt.

Now, if you can feel this same sort of helplessness, then you'll be able to step into Tara Hudson's shoes, because this is precisely how she feels when it comes to her happiness and relationships regarding men. And if you were in Tara's shoes wouldn't the last you'll want or need is to have your best friend, the one who you could always depend on tell you that "You're the reason behind your own situation and the men in your life are dying." The reason I'm saying this is because this is precisely what Tara's best friend, Betsy, is telling her.

Perhaps what Tara needs is to find some sort of spiritual path and self-discovery to find what's wrong in the life she's living. And if you've ever tried doing this, then you'll know it's not as easy as it seems as there will be countless hurdles you'll have to leap, and obstacles you must get around.

Will Tara be able to reach the land of bliss she's so desperately trying to find; and if she does, will she get the happy ever after which has passed her by for so long. The answers are in the book.

The book is wrought with dark humor and other of the author's characters can best be described as being somewhat pathetic, Tara is delight when compared with them; which is why I've giving Ms. Barker 5 STAR for her endeavor here.
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