Winter Secrets

M. Limoges
Winter Secrets
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Decadent Publishing
Release Date
November 2015
Book 3 of Winter Solstice Run (Black Hills Wolves Book 33)
Paranormal Romance

Patience is a virtue…a lesson Stephen Dorsett has learned over the years, wooing his mate. He loves the prickly woman with all his heart, but he's keeping a secret from her—one that will soon change the entire dynamic of their relationship.

Kate Matthews has a secret of her own, but she's reluctant to share her surprise with Stephen. With her mate spending too many long hours and late nights at work recently, Kate begins to second-guess Stephen's commitment to her.

One simple misunderstanding, fueled by insecurities and doubts, is all it takes to throw Kate and Stephen off course. Will they allow their secrets to pull them apart, or make their love stronger?

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Mar 10, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Secrets can be very dangerous. A new relationship is fragile and needs to be treated with great care. Even the best intentions can sometimes cause harm.

Kate and Stephen are wolf shifters who have recently mated. She made him work hard for years to get her to commit. Now that they are mated, they are still keeping some secrets and some distance from each other.

Kate feels like a failure and it is contaminating her relationship. It leads her to doubt Stephen and misinterpret his actions. Even sharing happy news becomes a problem when there is so much insecurity.

Stephen has loved Kate for years. He is finally recognizing that he can't ignore the issue any longer and that changes need to be made. He hopes he can push Kate to make some tough choices.

This is a short story from the Black Hills Wolves series. There are many stories in the series and each is a standalone with some shared characters and background. Each story is written by a different author and features the Tao Pack as they work on a combined celebration of the Solstice and Christmas holiday. All of them in some part mention the very unbalanced Alpha that caused great harm to the pack and how they are still trying to overcome the issues from those years.

Kate's lack of trust and confidence are in part due to that brutal history under the previous Alpha. I have read several of the books featuring the pack members and you can jump in and out of the series pretty easily without having much difficulty understanding the background and characters.

It is an interesting idea to have multiple paranormal romance authors take part in writing a series. The authors have made it easy to jump in at any time. Each book takes place during a period of great change for the pack and they do feature some of the same characters.

This story is about a woman with self-esteem issues that endanger her relationship. She and her new mate definitely need to communicate better to avoid causing so much hurt and pain to one another. It is a short novella with an important message about love and trust. I recommend the book and the series to those who enjoy paranormal romances that are very focused on love and relationships.
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