Seductive: Erotic Tales of Incubi

Cassie Donoghue; Verity James
Seductive: Erotic Tales of Incubi
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Dirty Dames Erotica
Release Date
October 2015
Erotic Romance, Horror Romance, Paranormal Romance

In their first published anthology, The Dirty Dames bring you two dark tales of possession and the women who succumb to the power of a demon lover.

In Cassie Donoghue's "Hotter Than Hell," college senior Tayla is overwhelmed with dreams of a dominating, otherworldly lover. Once he finally convinces her to summon him from beyond the earthly realm, Tayla becomes subservient to his every desire.

Verity James's "The Devil You Know" is the story of Jack, a paranormal expert and exorcist, who is bitten by the subject of his latest job: an incubus. In a desperate attempt to contain the demon until the infectious period ends, he goes to the one woman he knows likes it a little rough. Can she handle the demon lust burning him up from the inside or will its ferocity overtake them both?

Book Review by Adelaide Rose (reviewer)
Feb 09, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SEDUCTIVE: EROTIC TALES OF INCUBI is a two-story erotic compilation by Cassie Donoghue and Verity James. In these stories, which reveal very different approaches to the incubus myth, women succumb to the sexual allure of otherworldly lovers.

Verity James' "The Devil You Know" introduces us to Jack, a man whose career of expelling demons has finally caught up with him. In this story's interpretation of incubus lore, the curse of the incubus can be transmitted like a virus, which provides the sexual demon access to the male victim's body for twelve hours – compelling him to seduce a woman or transmit the incubus to another host.

Aware of the dangerous and demonic lust that courses through his veins, Jack turns to a friend named Melissa for help. Imploring her to trust him, he takes her roughly, satisfying her desire to be dominated. After their night of rough passion, Melissa and Jack more gently make love as the demonic presence subsides.

Cassie Donoghue's "Hotter Than Hell" introduces us to Tayla, a beautiful college senior, who begins to find her dreams haunted by the presence of a mysterious stranger. Though she never sees his face, Tayla can feel his otherworldly presence, driving her to act out her fantasies before his unseen eyes.

Though she is typically shy, Tayla is surprised by the eagerness with which she accepts an invitation to a study session at the home of her mysterious professor. The session is more than it seems, however. Upon concluding the lesson, Professor Olson entices his students with an Ouija board, the results of which leave Tayla seared with a mysterious mark – the brand of Cambion.

Compelled by desire to summon the incubus whose mark she now bears, Tayla voluntarily succumbs to the energy of her demon lover, freeing herself from her inhibitions and discovering her true sexual identity in the process.

Though it is interesting to read two different interpretations of the incubus legend in the same compilation, the execution of the stories is somewhat flawed. Both stories have noticeable editing errors and some structural concerns, such as inconsistent pacing, that may be distracting to the reader.

Furthermore, both works are very short, filling a combined total of only 22 pages. Though some erotic stories can be both brief and well-crafted, the works in SEDUCTIVE: EROTIC TALES OF INCUBI seem to suffer from the shortened format, which does not do justice to the authors' interesting premises.

With these concerns in mind, I cannot rate this work highly, though I do feel that both authors have the potential to create exciting, erotic fiction.

Additionally, according to the author's biographical notes, "The Devil You Know" is Verity James' first attempt at publishing erotic fiction. I commend this early effort and I look forward to future works from this author.

Regarding the sexual content of the works, these are stories that explore female submission to demon lovers and themes of dominance and humiliation feature prominently. I would add a note of caution for individuals who are uncomfortable with strong language being used toward female characters in erotic fiction.

In summation, SEDUCTIVE: EROTIC TALES OF INCUBI demonstrates the imaginative potential of two relatively new writers. Though editing issues and truncated development impact the quality of the work, both authors demonstrate their potential to approach classic subjects in new ways and should be strongly encouraged to continue developing their craft while exploring their dark and vivid imaginations.
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