Cassie to the Coast

Peyton Reese
Cassie to the Coast

Jessica Willowby, LLC
Release Date
February 2015
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

I was going to the coast, she was going to the coast, and then things got complicated ...

This is a modern-day love story set in Oregon, USA. Four parts (all are included). Approximately 37,500 words (novella length)


Cassandra, next to me, muttered something in her sleep. Whatever she was dreaming, it wasn't good. A second later she shouted "No!" and sat half upright.

She blinked and looked around and saw me. Her cap had fallen off while she slept, and her hair looked kind of wild and she seemed a little disoriented. She looked kind of cute that way. I smiled.

She grabbed the rear-view mirror and twisted it to look into it, then ran her fingers through her hair until it was mostly orderly, and then she found her cap and jammed it back onto her head. "Seen enough?" she challenged.

No, I thought. I guess she didn't like being caught with her guard down.

I did notice, though, as she was straightening her hair, that her left ear had about six piercings, but only the bottom one had an earring in it. I wondered if she lost the others, or if she'd outgrown them.

To put her at ease, or to start a conversation or something, I asked, "You have a bad dream?"

She looked at me, trying to decide if she should answer, I guess, then she said "Yeah," and turned her attention out the right-side window, to shut me out I suppose.
We were following a motor home down a winding section of roadway, again not unusual for the coast range. She turned to me and said, "Do you ever dream about dying?"

I looked at her. "No. Do you?"

She looked out the front window. "Yeah. All the time." There was a pause, and then she added, "I don't sleep so good."

She didn't elaborate. I wondered, What am I, a magnet for nuts or something? Some guys are chick magnets, I'm a nut magnet.

She turned to look at me, then she pulled her arm out from her shoulder belt and slowly reached over and put her fingers on my chest, right over my heart, and then she pressed her whole hand flat onto me. I


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