Tempted by a Rogue

Lauren Smith
Tempted by a Rogue
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Release Date
September 2015
Historical Romance

The rogue's temptation would be her undoing…

Gemma Haverford knows exactly who she will marry: James Randolph, the man she's had a secret understanding with for the last eleven years. With every letter written between them while he's been off at sea, their love has grown. Now they will be reunited with his return to England.

There's just one problem. The man whose words she'd fallen in love with isn't James at all…

Jasper Holland, a gentleman rogue of the first order, is trapped. Talked into a scheme by his best friend, he pretended to be James for eleven years as he wrote to Gemma, even though he'd promised James he'd break it off. But now with his return to England, his secret will come out—and he'll lose the one woman he can't live without.

What began as a game of words, now becomes a game of hearts, and Jasper will pay any price to call Gemma his.

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Nov 12, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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3.5 "Pen Pal Love" for the Story and 4.5 Stars for the Narration!

If you are looking for a short and sweet historical romance to listen to, then TEMPTED BY A ROGUE may just be the right temptation for your next listen. As is frequently the case in a novella length romance, the plot is quick and to the point, but lovers of best friend love triangles will enjoy getting to root for the underdog and the ultimate resolution. Moreover, Carolyn Morris' talented performance makes this audiobook a pleasure to listen to.

Gemma Haverford has been pining, and waiting for, James Randolph's return for 11 years. Over all those years she has refused to even consider marrying anyone else, resolute in their shared promise that James would marry her upon his return (even if that return is taking years longer than expected). Further solidifying her resolve were the countless letters that she believed they exchanged over the years which further reinforced her love for her pen pal lover.

Little did Gemma know that for the greater part of that more than a decade, it was actually James' best friend, Jasper Holland--a mutual childhood friend who took great pleasure in taunting her--that actually took on the "chore" of writing those letters. Try though he might, and even after he promised James that he would, Jasper never could find the words to let Gemma know that James had long tired of their long-distance relationship. In fact, quite to the contrary, he found himself longing for each and every shared letter.

However, the time of reckoning has finally come, as James and Jasper are returning to England. After pretending to be James for 11 years, how will Jasper explain this deception? Will his deception cause him to lose everything that he has begun to hope and pray for?

Carolyn Morris did a superb job of bringing this story to life. Not only did Ms. Morris render a believable, male voice for Jasper (a feat that many female narrators struggle with), but she also managed to conjure an equally appropriate and personality specific one for James. Ms. Morris' rendition made it seamless to determine who the listener should root for to win Gemma's heart in the end.

Ms. Morris' characterization of Gemma was also very well done. Her naive and somewhat idealistic nature was easily discernible from Ms. Morris' expert intonation. Additionally, Ms. Morris did a great job of communicating her conflicted feelings and ultimately the romantic connection between Gemma and the hero.

All in all, TEMPTED BY A ROGUE is the perfect listen if you are looking for a well-performed quick and short historical romance that you can experience in one or two sittings. However, as is typical with novellas, you may have to suspend belief at a few of the conflict resolution points as is frequently necessarily the case when the resolution must occur with brevity. I will say that I previously read and adored Lauren Smith's debut full-length novel, Wicked Intentions, so I will definitely be up for experiencing more of her works in the future. And Carolyn Morris' enjoyable performance will definitely keep me searching for more of her works as well.
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