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Gabra Zackman
All In
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July 2015
Book 2 of The Bod Squad
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance

Don't miss the second installment of Gabra Zackman's scorching new series.

"Stop the wedding!"

No bride wants to hear those words, least of all Susannah "Legs" Carter, one of the Bod Squad's best agents. But when her colleague Jackson bursts in with news that her presumed-dead father may still be alive—and possibly a double agent—the vows are on hold and the Bod Squad hits the road.

Jackson wants to help, but he's a little distracted by Cajun cutie Lisa Bee, his closest coworker. They've always been friends, but there's nothing like a little overseas danger to set sparks flying! As the two work to track a criminal mastermind, will they swap undercover work for under-the-covers play?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jan 27, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A little laughter, some eye rolling and a lot of eyebrow raising disbelief gave ALL IN a mixed review from this reader.

It's FTP operatives Susannah and Chas' wedding, but things are anything but blissful. When fellow teammate Jackson tells the team that Susannah's long thought dead father is actually alive and living in Africa, they're all left reeling! With the rest of the Bod Squad joining them, Lisa Bee, Tyka, AJ, The Boss, Fritz, Rafael, and Mahmoud all head abroad to find out what's happening with Susannah's father. But they all find so much more…some find love, others find death, and then there's the potential deadly destruction facing the U.S. The Bod Squad is the BEST at uncovering white collar crime, but they may all be over their heads on international terrorism.

ALL IN, the second book in the Bod Squad series was an interesting follow up read. The POV's kept jumping from character to character, allowing the reader to see things from many perspectives, yet having the impression of organized chaos. I didn't know whether the story was about Susannah and Chas' aborted wedding, Lisa Bee and Jackson hooking up, Tyka and Mahmoud finding kindred spirits in one another, the Boss feeling useless, or a combination of all…plus an overall theme of figuring out who knows what, where and when. It made the book fast paced, almost to the point of whiplash, but it also kept me on my toes wondering what was going to come out next.

This series has a prohibition era retro vibe but it felt more tongue in cheek than authentic, more cheesy than cool. Like the playful yet old school dialogue, the agents were hopelessly terrible at agenting yet presented as the elite the U.S. has to offer. Yikes. There's a little sex in this book, more playful than erotic though, yet still yummy. Overall and like the first in the series, this book elicited mixed emotions and left me unsure as to whether I actually enjoyed it.

Bottom Line: If you liked the first Bod Squad book, Game On, you'll enjoy this spunky spy spoof follow up.
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