Loving Annalise

Gabriel Constans
Loving Annalise
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September 2015
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Inspirational Romance, Literary Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Reality-Based Romance (TM)

After years of poverty, heartbreak, loss and betrayal, Tomas enters Annalise's world and shatters the iron casing she's erected around her heart. Tomas is kind, intelligent, romantic and handsome, but he's also her husband's brother!

Once Tomas and Annalise meet, they are forever intertwined and repeatedly ripped apart by fate, self-doubt and blackmail. Her husband, Jens, is a brilliant, jealous and manipulative scoundrel who keeps her psychologically under lock and key, until her passion for Tomas sets her free.

Book Review by Adelaide Rose (reviewer)
Jan 05, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"My love had knocked twice and I would not let him slip away again."

LOVING ANNALISE by Gabriel Constans is a stirring novel about one woman's triumph over tragedy and betrayal to find enduring love in the most unexpected of places.

The daughter of a rape that undoes her mother's dream of education, Annalise is born into a life of challenge and adversity in a small farming village in Luxembourg. Though her mother marries a kind man who claims Annalise as his own, her short childhood is filled with toil and poverty.

The daughter of a Dutch-born mother, Annalise is perceived an outsider in her community. Tormented by insensitive peers throughout her adolescence, she grows up longing to find a life of love and adventure.

Annalise prays to God that He will help her escape her life of drudgery and let her begin a new life in the capital, Luxembourg City. Her prayer appears to be answered when her parish priest, Father Klaus, approaches her with information about a Catholic-run nursing school in the capital. A tuition-free, boarding institution, it requires only that the students commit to work at the institution for two years after graduation.

Although this opportunity will lead her to a new life in Luxembourg City, and eventually America, it will also be the catalyst for years of unanticipated hardship on the path to fulfilling her dreams of love and happiness.

While at nursing school, Annalise meets Jens, a construction worker assigned to a project at the facility. Blond and brash, he sweeps the naive Annalise off of her feet with the promise of passion. Instead, he traps Annalise in a web of infidelity, manipulation and cruelty for twelve years, smothering her youthful dream of an independent life.

Isolated and unhappy, Annalise finds solace in her work as a labor and delivery nurse, her beautiful children, and Jens' loving family who, in spite of their connection to her cruel husband, recognize her compassion and worth.

Tomas, Jens' brother, provides a special light in the darkness which surrounds Annalise – a gentle and slowly unfolding love that inspires her to set aside her cynicism and fear to choose the happiness she deserves.

LOVING ANNALISE is a well crafted novel with very few editing issues. Richly detailed and powerful, the novel takes the reader on an emotional journey that, for all of the pain it depicts, concludes on a beautiful note of joy and reconciliation.

Gabriel Constans develops a compelling story by interweaving the narrative of Annalise's struggle to find happiness with scenes of the beautiful love she has now found with Tomas.

It is important to note, however, that Constans' scenes are crafted with a sense of realism that can make the heroine's struggle to leave her tragic and loveless marriage especially intense. With that in mind, this novel is not necessarily a "light" romance and may not be the best fit for a reader seeking a straightforward or consistently optimist love story.

Furthermore, though this novel is categorized as an erotic romance, the sexual content is relatively mild. The love scenes are beautiful and thoughtfully written, highlighting the contrast between the tender love that Annalise now experiences and the painful past from which it emerged. However, they are not especially graphic or intense in their sexual content and may not satisfy readers seeking an erotically-charged love story.

Inspiring in its message that a passionate and lasting union is possible for all women, even those who feel trapped by impossible circumstances, LOVING ANNALISE is an excellent read for those yearning to experience the redemptive and all-conquering power of love.
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