This Time

JF Holland
This Time


J F Holland
Release Date
October 2015
Book 2 of A Dennison Property Story
Contemporary Romance

The 2nd in the Dennison Property Story Series, characters to relate to with human failings, humour chemistry and profanity

Rob Phillips is jaded, he's spent most of his life being seen as only an accessory and a pretty face. Then again he doesn't do relationships!
Alison Pope is a quiet young widow with a small daughter who's got a past she'd rather stay there; that is until she meets Rob at an Art Exhibit. He's so much more than she believed a man could be but he wants the one thing from her that she's incapable of giving, intimacy!
Rob pursues Alison, a first for him and finds he's not put off by her daughter, after all, he only wants sex, not a relationship. Once the cards are finally on the table and the chemistry is revealed he's shocked to find that he wants more but Alison is holding back. She's hiding something. Can he put the missing pieces together, to find a way forward for them? Is Alison willing to trust him with not only her own but her daughters happiness?


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